Press W to bite and drag around animals!
+ (Now hide in water spots)+ Swim well in Mud, Lakes & Oceans!

Croc or Crocodile is the eleventh animal in and the land equivalent of the Octopus, Tiger, Falcon, and the Polar Bear.


The Crocodile:

  • Can eat everything from below it, to Mole and all food items
  • It can be eaten by anything above it.
  • Can swim quickly in lakes and mud.
  • Crocodile has an ability called the Bite Drag that drags other animals, but when hit while dragging a larger animal or being tailbiten by the prey it will release that animal. You can let go of the animal anytime with W.
  • It is immune to the river effect


The Croc has a solid, neon green body, with a trapezoid snout and six, dark green spines. Its noticeably short tail is the same colour of green as its body.

To a new player, it may appear similar - if not the same - to the Dragon. A noticeable difference between these two animals is that, while the Croc is a light green, the Dragon is a mellower, more turquoise blue, and tends to be much larger.


Go into the ocean to get XP easily. There will be plenty of snails, land prey going into the ocean for some reason, and kelps, seaweeds, conches, and other foods.

Drag ocean prey out of the ocean for a free lunch. They will be very slow in the land and their chance of going back into the ocean is low. You can also drag a land prey into the ocean, where they will be slower than you.

When using your ability, make sure to protect your tail. Change directions if someone is going for your tail and stop your ability if there is a predator nearby.

If you see a predator on very low health, go for it. Either kill it with a tailbite or your ability.

When chased by eagles, don't panic. You are faster than them almost everywhere, unless they are using their abilities. If they are, dive if possible. If not, see where the eagle is taking you. If it drops you into the middle of a bunch of predators, there is nothing you could do about it except try to escape. However, if the eagle is greedy and wants the meal itself, then that will be golden as again, you are faster than it almost everywhere.

Eat mushroom bushes. They give you a lot of XP.

When being chased by any predator except Hippo, Dragon, Black Dragon, or Sabertooth, go into a river and run against the river's current to escape quickly. They will not catch up with you against the current. If you are chased by one of the said animals, go to the nearest hiding hole or whirlpool. If you cant see any, go into the river or ocean, where you can dive for a long time, don't have to worry about water, and have plenty of time to look for a whirlpool.



  • A long time ago, before the Bear or Cheetah were added, it upgraded from the Lion at 16,000 XP.
  • Before the Hippo and Rhino were added, it upgraded to the Dragon at 70,000 XP.
  • It was the last animal to get an ocean variant, said variant being the Octopus.
  • On January 20, 2017, the Crocodile had a secret ability where it did nothing
  • It has the fourth longest dive time of all animals at one minute, with only the shark, the hippo, and the Kraken beating it.