The Conch, also referred to as the Conch shell, is a food source in that spawns in the Ocean biome, and is only edible by animals that are at tier 9 or above. It was added on March 14, 2017.


  • Conch shells are a solid food that can be moved by animals, and it has a Health Bar. It takes approximately 10 hits to eat for the average animal (the Black Dragon can eat it in a single hit).
  • Conches will be conceived in unspecific spots throughout the Ocean biome, spawning frequently on islands and almost immediately respawn on the island after they've been eaten.
  • They are only able to be eaten by animals that are at tier 9 (Pufferfish tier) or anywhere above that.


The conch shell is an almost chocolate-brown color, with grooves around the top point of its shell. On the left-hand side, the conch shell is a light pink.


Conch shells take a while to consume given their high health bar, and provide average XP in return, so it is unfortunately usually not worth it to go to strenuous lengths to farm lots of conches. With that being said, if you are on the verge of levelling up and a conch is nearby, it should definitely be eaten.

However, the conch can be useful in other ways, albeit odd. For animals below Apex tier, if a Kraken uses their whirlpool, sometimes if a conch blocks the Kraken from you, it can be the difference between life and death. Whenever a Kraken tries to suck you into a whirlpool, move towards a conch and aim to get onto the other side of it, so that there is less chance of the Kraken damaging and killing you. The same can apply for many other animals, e.g. the Killer Whale and its wave.

Conches are a very good source of xp as Sea Monster. You can disregard their usual health with your special ability, eating them in one gulp. This is especially handy for islands where loads of them spawn because the whirlpool ability sucks in objects from land as well as in water, unlike the Kraken. Just use it near an island and watch them be gobbled up in one fell swoop. Do be careful with how close you are to the island because if you go onshore you'll have to deal with their usual health bar, making the ability useless.



  • The Crab's shell that appears when it uses its special ability looks rather like a Conch.
  • There was a glitch when conch didn't give XP. This bug is now fixed.
  • XP quantities for the Conch was buffed in the #GoldenAge update.
  • In real life, animals cannot eat conch shells but rather eat its insides, just like the Clam.
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