The Clam is a food in that spawns in the Ocean biome.


  • Clams will spawn randomly across the Ocean.
    • They tend to be found a lot more frequently near Conches, but can be in other places too.
  • They can be eaten by animals that are Octopus tier and beyond.
  • For tier 11, they give 250 XP. The quantity will vary from there, with it being a maximum of 1K XP.
  • Clams are stationary foods that can be eaten in a single hit.
  • Even though in real life clams are actual animals, clams show no signs of life, and haven't been explicitly stated as one by the developers.


The Clam is a purple shell, with three grooves.



  • The clam is not actually a food, it is the inside which is edible. The animals in, however, seem to be swallowing the shell of the clam.
  • Pufferfish tier and above used to be able to eat clams, but now only Octopus and above can.
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