The Chipmunk:

  • Had a maximum XP of 50, at which point it turns into the Rabbit.
  • Could hide in both small and large Hiding Holes. Can also hide in Whirlpools.
  • Could only eat Berries and Water drops.
  • Could be eaten by any animal below Reindeer.
  • It is still playable, if you die as an Arctic Hare, you will have the option to respawn as a chipmunk. You can also die as a mouse or shrimp in the arctic.


The Chipmunk is a light, caramel brown, with three dark strips running vertically down its back. The small half-moon ears just behind the large eyes are a slightly lighter shade than the rest of the body.

The Chipmunk has a small muzzle, hardly noticeable and tipped with a small black nose.


It is easy to level up as a chipmunk. Just find a berry bush and eat berries or feed on healing stones.

When you see a predator run away and go into a Hiding Hole.



  • It was first added while it replaced Lemming in the first of January.
  • It used to be the only playable animal to have computers of them before mouse AI where added.
  • It is now gone.