Not to be confused with the Desert Chipmunk, a tier 2 desert animal that has a similar name. Or the AI Chipmunk, a formerly AI animal in the Arctic that was replaced by the Lemming. Also not to be confused by the Lemming..

The Chipmunk is the first Arctic animal in Mope.io. It is the equivalent of the Mouse, the Shrimp and the Desert Rat.



The Chipmunk is a light, caramel brown, with two stripes of white fur, outlined with black fur, running vertically down its back. The small half-moon ears just behind the large eyes are a slightly lighter shade than the rest of the body. You can see its small arms, that have four claws on each. The Chipmunk also has a bushy tail, and a small muzzle - hardly noticeable - and tipped with a small black nose.


As a Chipmunk, simply eat berries from Berry Bushes. You can also produce berries by pressing S onto a mushroom 4 times. It will explode to produce many berries. If you're low on water/if there are no berries near, find a Healing Stone to use. With it, you'll level up within seconds. If there are no mushrooms nearby, you can risk going into land and shooting water at the mushrooms there, watch out for rabbits and pigeons as they can kill you, if they target you, then just go into the arctic and the land animals will be stunned giving you time to escape.

When you see a predator, run away and go into a Hiding Hole. Avoid ice as you have very little manoeuvrability there. You can also climb a tree to escape them temporarily.



  • It was first added while it replaced Lemming in the first of January, 2017.
  • It used to be the only playable animal to have computers of them before the mouse A.I. was added. However, now the Chipmunk A.I. was replaced with the Lemming.
  • The Chipmunk and Desert Rat both have no upgrade message.
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