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Chili Peppers are a food in that spawns in the Land and Desert biomes.


  • There are two types of chili peppers: green and red.
  • Chili Peppers give around 1K XP each, post-Golden Age update.
  • When a red pepper is eaten, your animal will move 25% faster than usual; this effect lasts for three to five seconds.
    • Green peppers have twice the spiciness, and make animals move 50% faster instead, and for twice as long (up to seven seconds).


Both variants of chili peppers are small, curved, although the red chili pepper can be straight sometimes. They each have a green stem on their top with small leaves. The flesh of the red chili pepper is red, and vice versa for the green one.


Eat Chili Peppers when running away from predators, or when attempting to damage prey. Animals that are Crocodile and above can eat them, so if you're chasing an animal that's Crocodile or above, eat the peppers yourself before they can get to them. If the prey does somehow gain speed through use of this food, or through Special Abilities, go to a bush (if you're in the Land biome) or quicksand/oasis (if you're in the Desert biome) to continue your pursuit.

On the other hand, as prey, if you can eat chili peppers, use them to your advantage. Eat as many as you can when fleeing from predators. Eat all of them so predators can't keep up. Also, for tiers 11 and 12 (Crocodile and Rhino) they are very nourishing in terms of XP, when eaten in bulk. Therefore, they are also a great food source that requires little to no effort. Normally can be found in bulk near bushes in the Land biome; less commonly in quicksand, but combined with Melons are still useful.



  • So far, Chili peppers and Aloevera are the only foods in that are able to give animals passive abilities that affect gameplay.
  • At first Chili Peppers gave the least amount of XP in the game, up to 3 XP (Berries can give up to 5), this was changed later on when KoA putted the requested tier to eat it higher.
    • After the #GoldenAge update of December 2019, Chili peppers give 1K XP rather than 100-300 XP.
  • In the former Wild Mope game mode, all animals from Mouse tier and above could eat Chili Peppers. They only gave 1-5 XP back then, but still made all animals move fast.
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