Press W to get a speed boost! (Every 8 seconds)!

Press W to get a speed boost!
(Leopards can dive longer!)

Press W to get a speed boost!
(Jaguars can climb hills!)

UPGRADED to Black Panther!
Press W to get a speed boost!
(Black Panthers are fast on mud)
Not to be confused with the Snow Leopard, an Arctic counterpart of the Cheetah that has mostly identical features.

The Cheetah is the eighth Land animal in Mope.io, and the equivalent of the Gorilla, Toucan, Pufferfish, Snow Leopard and Rattlesnake.




The Cheetah has a pale golden color, with 20 darker spots on its back. Unlike in real life, the cheetah grows to be much larger than the lion.


The Jaguar has 17 markings on its back and is more of an orangish-brownish color.


The Leopard has 18 different markings on its skin and is a darker shade than the Cheetah.

Black Panther

The Black Panther has 21 of the same markings as the Jaguar, and is entirely black, with different shadings of black in different places.


Cheetahs, like Deer, are faster than normal on land. You can use your speed boost to easily escape from predators. Be careful not to curve around something, such as a hill, because that can give your pursuer an opportunity to attack you! If you have a straight path that you can follow to flee from your predator, you should be fine and able to lose your predator or jump into a hiding hole quickly.

Your increased speed also gives you an advantage in hunting and chasing prey; make sure to use your speed boost when they are running in a straight line.

You can also try launching yourself at the tail of an Apex animal or higher, to level yourself up quite a ways in a relatively safe and very efficient manner. It's recommended to wait until Black Dragons/Phoenixes are out of the Lava. Or simply try to bite a T-REX which would normally won't be in the lava, this may be ineffective sometimes, as skilled high tiers will try to defend their tail if they notice you.

If you are a Leopard, Jaguar, or Black Panther, be warned that people most likely want to kill you (presumably out of jealousy). If they attack you, boost away every chance you get until they give up. You can also climb hills, so you can use ocean hills to cut across and get to a whirlpool. If you are a Black Panther, you can also speed away using mud.

A safe and reliable alternative to levelling up is to eat Pears, Red mushrooms and/or Honey Bees.



  • This is the first animal to be added in an update that did not add multiple animals.
    • It was added in the October 12th update.
  • It previously upgraded to the Crocodile at 37K XP.
  • Prior to a recent update to Cheetah's speed, its upgrade message read: "You're super quick!- Let's chase someone..."
  • Its upgrade text was changed 4 times:
    • UPGRADED to CHEETAH: Cheetahs love eating Lions.
    • UPGRADED to CHEETAH: You're super quick!-Let's chase someone...
    • UPGRADED to CHEETAH: These are quite fast!
    • UPGRADED to CHEETAH: An extra fast animal!
    • UPGRADED to CHEETAH! Press W to get a speed boost! (Every 8 seconds)!
  • Before October 27, it upgraded to the Zebra.
  • Previously, it could not eat Berries or Lilypads
  • It is the only land animal with a speed boost (10%) when not sprinting.
  • Before Teleportation was available, there were a lot more Cheetahs in the ocean.
  • One of only four animals that has different color variations of the same skin, shared with the Snow Leopard.
  • Previously it was after Lion.
  • The Cheetah has the second most skin differences (behind the Toucan), at 4 skins total (Cheetah, Jaguar, Leopard, Black Panther).
  • Excluding abilities or Terrain factors, the Cheetah is tied with the Ostrich in terms of speed, and they are thought to be the fastest animals in the game (including abilities and terrain factors, the fastest is the (Peregrine Falcon).
    • Oddly enough, however, Jaguar and Leopard are 10% slower than the Cheetah. Also The Black Panther Also Climb Hills faster than Jaguar.


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