This page lists all updates to that occurred in the year 2019. If you are looking for a full list of updates, refer to the main article.

December 29, 2019

- fixed: Golden KD upgrade if evolving from BD
- fixed: KD not counted as Apex kill
- fixed: Apex kills interface not showing for Goden/Azure BD
- fixed: Snowman killing count as an Apex kill

- nerf: Phoenix is 10% slow in desert, has 15% more boost interval, gains 50% less lava in desert boime as well as on lavalake in desert

- buff: snow/rain storms give more snow/rain drops
- buff: If animals get caught in Tornados, they lose traction (like on Ice)
- buff: Tornado now shoot food as they keep eating and grow in size, food items shot by tornado give stun and some damage

December 23, 2019


Golden Giant Scorpion.png
Knight Dragon.png

---NEW: Accounts + shop:---
- There are 59 brand new skins you can buy in the new mope shop! (Log in to see it)
- Now you can now log-on using Facebook and Google, and get an account to earn coins/ buy skins with coins (It saves!).

Newer Shrimp.png

- NEW: You earn coins while playing (only when you have your adblocker disabled)
- NEW: You can buy coins with real $ (to support the game)
- Buy special skins for your favorite animals, including golden versions and cool redesigns!
- Skins are only cosmetic, so they don't give paying players an advantage. (Except looking great!)
- NEW HD art for most animals!

NEW Disasters
- NEW Tsunami, Volcano eruption, Tornados, Storms, Waves
- Each disaster happens rarely, Tsunami and Volcanic erruptions are very rarely occuring disasters
- Volcanic Eruption:Volcano now erupt, shake and throw fireballs. Also spit lava balls which turn into Lavalakes. Lavalakes stay for 5–10 minutes.
- Snowstorm:Generates in Arctic, a giant clouds moves through arctic region creating snow. As it moves on snowfall intesifies. Snowfall cause Freeze to non-arctic animals
- Tsunami:Generate in each ocean wash food/animals out of ocean. Only ocean animals can dive if they are caught in a Tsunami wave
- Coldstorm:Generates in Arctic, creates cold waves that freeze animals and push food/animals away gently
- Rainstorm:Generates on Land, a giant clouds moves through the region creating rainfall. As it moves on rainfall intesifies. Each raindrop gives water to every animal
- Duststorm:Generates in Desert, creates sand waves that slowdown animals by 10% speed and push food/animals away gently
- Heatwave:Generates in Desert, creates heat waves that give burns to animals and push food/animals away gently
- Tornados:Each biome creates a tornado that sucks in food and pull animals. However animals can escape if they keep boosting or dive in water or hide in hole. Firetornado in volcano, Dust devil in desert, Waterspout in oceans, Arctic Twister in Arctic, and Land Tornado on Land. There is a very rare Devil Twister that creates in any biome which has more suck power and has a devil face!
NEW: Snowman
- A new Apex animal Snowman come with 1/2000 rarity and can be bought from shop as well
- Snowman is similar to Yeti with one additional passive ability where it can Camouflage if not moving. When carrot turns Orange you can hide anywhere in Arctic. Camouflage ends when you move or hurt.
NEW: Arctic Volcano
- Erupts slower than land volcano
- has some cool graphics to make eruption look good
- shoots snowballs projections that hit animals and freeze them, upon fall they create movable snowballs
- loads of balancing, bug fixing, nerfs and buffs

August 8, 2019

- Fixed bugs, removed video ads for now, so you can re-join the game quickly.

July 8, 2019

- Fixed issues with food/water not spawning properly around the game.
- Fixed mouse and ducks walking on hills after getting hurt.

June 18, 2019

- NERF: Trex shaking damage removed. Damage occurs on first grab and then on bleeding
- NERF: Trex can't grab diving ocean animals
- NERF: Trex can't grab diving animals if they are diving for more than 2s
- NERF: Golden Eagle rarity increased by 33%
- NERF: Komodo Dragon's sweat duration/seat amount reduced by 20%
- NERF: Flytrap's bite damage reduced by 20%

- BUFF: King Crab's speed outside ocean increased to 10%
- BUFF: Ice Monster's crystal growth/speed increased

- Fixed Pelican water bomb not hiting victims
- Fixed Pelican self hit from own water bomb
- Fixed Black Widow web teleport catching animals when spider is too far or was stunned
- Fixed Komodo Dragon teleport grab bug
- Fixed Black Dragon not healing in 1v1 arena
- Fixed Toucans not getting hurt in Desert biome (only lava toucan is allowed to not hurt)
- Fixed Objects going underneath Trees
- Fixed Melons not getting watered
- Fixed Killable food pushing animals out of hiding holes
- Fixed Bot spawning
- Fixed anti-teaming 0xp-bite
- Fixed Aniamls getting hit by bees while diving

-NEW: Inside Arena, opponents go semi transparent so they can see through each other when fighting

May 24, 2019

King Dragon - #KingOfMope
- New: Rare species of black dragon. Obtainable by killing all apex animals (unique kills) as black dragon or by luck (1/1000). You can check your apex kills on the apex kill interface by pressing 'S' as black dragon.
- The king dragon has a flamethrower and tail slap ability. Use the tail slap ability by pressing S.
- The king dragon can instantly kill all players up to tier 10.
- New: Killing another black dragon will give you its apex kills.

1v1 Arena Changes
- New: Arenas now have multiple rounds. Apex and monster tier animals have one round (sudden death) and black dragons have best of five rounds. BD vs BD has 3 rounds (first to win 2 is the winner) | BD vs KD has 5 rounds (first to win 3 is the winner)

Animal Reskins
  Big Cats
- New: Cheetah variants and snowy leopard skins have been updated.
- New: Lion skin has been updated and now has new rare variants. All lions are immune to desert heat. (<Lion, Lioness, Lion Cub>)
- New: There are three main animals for lion. The lion, lioness, and lion cub. Each one has a white and black variant. The lion has an exclusive black-maned variant.
- Lion: Has a 800/1000 rarity. Roar for lion has been buffed up to 20% more range and more damage. The lion has a white/black variant (white: 5/1000, has a 5% larger roar, 10% faster on land, and has a 5% smaller boost interval | black: 1/1000, has a 5% larger roar, 10% faster on hills/rocks, 10% quicker cooldown, 10% slower boost interval, and has more health than white lion).
  - Black-Maned Lion: Has a 14/1000 rarity. It has the largest size in terms of body and roar amongst all other lions. It is 20% larger and has a 15% larger roar than all other lions. Roar cooldown is 15% slower, zoom is 5% larger, and it is 50% faster in mud/water/beach. (Slow in ocean)
  - Lioness: Has a 120/1000 rarity. Standing still or moving slowly will allow you to camouflage. The lioness has a white/black variant (white: 5 in 120 of 1000, black: 1 in 120 of 1000). Roar distance for lioness is 25% smaller and it is 10% faster everywhere than lion. The lioness has lower health than lions.
  - Lion Cub: Has a 60/1000 rarity. It is the smallest of all lions . The lion cub has a white/black variant (white: 5 in 60 of 1000, black: 1 in 60 of 1000). Lion cubs have the smallest roar and the quickest cooldown. They are 10% quicker on land, have less health than lioness, and walk normal speed in mud. They inflict 40% damage to prey, are super slow in water, and can hide in small hiding holes.
  - White Lions: Can walk on hills and trees.
  - Black Lions: Can walk on hills, trees, and rocks.
- Rhino skin has been updated and now has a rare variant.
  - White Rhino: Has a 1/1000 rarity. The white rhino charges 20% faster and inflicts damage to predators upon collision. It deals 50% more damage to predators.

Phoenix/Land Monster Buff
- New: Phoenix and land monsters can now shoot fireballs by pressing the S key.

- Buff: T-Rex Can now grab animals diving under water.
- Balance: Fire from same tier now doesn't burn you. For example, dragons can't burn other dragons with fire. Black dragons can't burn other black dragons with fire. However, fire can damage opposing apex animals still.

Tier Changes:
- Lion promoted to tier 11
- Tiger demoted to tier 10
- Cobra demoted to tier 9
- Macaw demoted to tier 7
- Owl promoted to tier 8
- Toucan promoted to tier 9
- Pelican promoted to tier 10
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