The Carrot is a food item in that was added on April 9, 2017.


  • Carrots are a stationary food that is without a Health Bar.
  • It will give around 20-40 XP for lower tiers, and a maximum of 60 XP for medium and higher tiers.
  • They will provide some water when eaten.
  • Carrots only spawn in Mud patches, and they only spawn in Land.


Carrots are orange and pointed. The body of the carrot has two darker orange lines on it, and the top of it has green plumage.


As a lower tier (i.e. Rabbit - Deer), you should definitely try eating carrots. Since carrots only spawn in mud patches, it's best to eat ones that are close to the edge of the mud, unless you are an animal that can move around fast in it. Therefore, Rabbits and Pigs can easily eat carrots to level up quite fast.

As a higher tier, carrots become trivial foods. However, they at least provide some water upon consumption so if you're desparately low and can't linger in the mud to gain some water, eat some carrots and get to a nearby water spot as soon as you can.



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