Not to be confused with Fossils, a scrapped feature that may have had similar properties to the carcass.

Carcasses are a feature in that appears any time that an animal dies.


  • It was originally just for accuracy and aesthetic purposes, but now gives XP when eaten.
    • Small meat will appear each time the carcass is bitten (by a carcass-eating animal).
    • Carcasses can be destroyed in three bites.
    • Amount of XP may vary depending on tier of animal.
  • They will appear any time that an animal is killed/dies.
  • The Hyena, Crocodile, Vulture, Komodo Dragon, T-Rex, Pterodactyl, Monsters and Black Dragon/King Dragon can eat them.
    • Black Dragon and King Dragon can eat a carcass in a single bite.
  • When a Carcass is pushed into any size Hiding Hole or Whirlpool, it will disappear.


The appearance of carcasses varies for different animals. The default carcass for animals is the generic (displayed in the infobox to the right). Certain animals such as snake variants, or birds have different stylised skulls. Each design is displayed in the infobox on the right.

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Bones are another type of feature that originate from carcasses, but are created from a Vulture's special ability.


  • When a Vulture uses its Special Ability, if it grabs a carcass, it will fly it up into the air and then drop it. Upon landing, the carcass reforms into multiple bones.
    • When dropped, there will be a combination of small and big bones.
    • Smaller bones give 1.4K XP, and bigger bones give 1.84K XP.
  • Bones can be eaten by any carcass-eating animal too.


It's a sandy yellow colored stick with 2 lumps in each side.



  • Carcasses were formerly the only purely aesthetic thing in They also used to be non-solid objects before the Desert update.
  • Some animals use carcasses that are not enterily equal to their bodies.
  • The Blackwidow Spider's carcass in-game is different to the Giant Spider's, even though they are both spider class animals.
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