The Cactus Pear is a fruit that spawns in the Desert biome, and was released with the Desert update.


  • It is a stationary fruit.
  • Can be eaten by all animals within Meerkat to Rattlesnake tiers.
  • Will commonly spawn around cactus. However, they can appear just about anywhere in the desert.
  • Can spawn in bushes in the desert
  • Are beneficial for tiers 3-5.
  • Animals from Vulture + are not physically affected by cactus pears - they can move right over them without their movement being obstructed.


The Cactus Pears are red cone shaped with small pink spots, and a big spot on top of the cactus pear. It spawns around cacti very much like mushroom bushes that spawn mushrooms.



  • Unlike cactus, cactus pears were not made smaller after the Golden Age update.
  • This and the date now do not physically affect animals from Vulture tier and above.
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