The Cactus is a food source that have been released as part of the Desert update. They are often located randomly across the expanse of the Desert and can produce Cactus Pears.


  • Cacti have a Health Bar. They are typically able to be eaten in 5 hits (unless you're using the Elephant's ability to damage it).
  • Upon contact, cacti will stun and damage animals. It inflicts higher damage to animals that are able to eat them.
  • As of the Golden Age, the only animal that can damage it by usage of abilities is the Elephant.
  • The XP that you can get is as follows:
    • For Tier 12; 25K XP.
    • For Tier 13; 48.75K XP.
    • For Tier 14; 60K XP.
    • For Tier 15; 78K XP.
    • For Tiers 16 and 17; 28K XP.
  • Cacti absorbs water when an animal tries to shoot a cactus with water, it will eventually split when it becomes oversized.
  • Cactus Pears spawn in bulk around cacti.


A cactus is a green, 8-shaped star-like circle with brownish-white spikes. Since the #GoldenAge update it was resized and made a lot smaller.


Cacti are the most beneficial foods for tiers 12 to 14, as they can also harvest the healing power of Aloevera to eat them without losing too much health. Whenever you attempt to eat a cactus, always consume aloevera first or simultaneously; at the very least, eat multiple leaves. However, if a cactus only has two or one bite left to be eaten, that is unnecessary.

For apex tier, you cannot as easily eat cacti, since Aloevera has no effect. Therefore, the best way to farm them is by lurking near another tier 12/13/14 animal that is trying to eat one, then chasing them off and eating the cactus for yourself. However, do not excessively farm them as you could be ganged up by predators or other animals.

Sea Monsters are able to use their whirlpool to suck in cacti that are on the shore and into the ocean. While doing so, the cacti can be consumed in one hit. Do this for a small XP boost, but do so sparingly as another Sea Monster or Giant Scorpion could come along and kill you.

The T-Rex is also able to use its ability to easily eat cacti. Drag another animal around with your bite, and shove it into the cactus. The animal will simultaneously be damaged and also reduce the health bar of the cactus, allowing you to finish it off in a single bite. Note: this only works on animals that are tier 12 and above.



  • Giant Scorpions and Black Dragons used to not take damage from cacti, but this feature was later removed.
  • Since the #GoldenAge, cacti give more XP but are less common, and are also smaller. They also cannot be damaged by the Special Abilities of any animal except the elephant.
  • These are the only food sources that can directly cause damage to other animals.
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