UPGRADED to Blue Whale!
Smash with your powerful tail!

The Blue Whale is the fourteenth Ocean animal in Mope.io, and is the equivalent of the Elephant, Cassowary, Giant Spider, Mammoth and Blackwidow Spider.



The Blue Whale, unlike most of the animals in the game, does not have a circular shape. It has a rounded body, its face protruding at the front, and a large tail sticks out the back. The Blue Whale's head is rather narrow, and fins are short but straight Colored specifically in blue, its fins and tails are of a darker shade, and its sides have small highlights. Above its black rounded eyes is a black blow-hole that blows out water or other loot when diving.

The Albino Whale looks the same, except its body is white, with some barnacles visible on its mouth/head. The Golden Whale also looks the same, except for its own golden skin, and a few scars visible on its body.


As a Blue Whale

The Blue Whale's ability is used to knock predators and tail-biters away, similar to that of the Donkey's. It also can be used for stunning your prey; however, it needs great precision and accuracy, as you need to swivel around and aim for your prey as opposed to the elephant's ability. This is made easier by the shockwave added to the Whale, but it's still rather difficult.

If a predator is low on health, use your ability to slap them with your tail to either get them lower in health and stun them, and if possible, to kill them. A whale's ability can reach Crabs, Turtles, Dragons, and/or Black Dragons sitting on islands. Teaming up with other blue whales, or elephants is advantageous, as pods of blue whales can easily kill a Kraken or a Dragon with their abilities. Even Black Dragons are vulnerable to a group of enough whales. If a Kraken is wandering near the shore, slap it! Make it fly onto land, and if the Kraken may get back to the ocean before your ability reloads, push it back yourself. This may take a little bit of your health, but will stall the kraken and buy enough time for you to slap the Kraken far away again. This is a good strategy, since the kraken can die from thirst very quickly and you'll have free meat, and it works even better when allied with other Blue Whales.

Another good strategy is too farm snails. They give around 10k XP and can be a reliable source to build to 1M. If you are to nice or not a good killer blue whale could be the way to go. you can dive and when you surface, slap if you want to get easy kills and stuns!

When you are alone and there is a big fight going on between two or more apex tiers, dive and wait until some big level animal is at low health and turn your back against them and kill them! Do it fast and accurately. If you miss it, it could be your funeral time. If you are accurate, you can kill it and evolve. 

Beware teams of smaller animals, as they can work together to kill you. Any large animal can perish like that, especially if there is high tier animals such as Killer Whale involved. In this situation, your shockwave and extreme force from the tail slap can really come in handy as you will stun a majority of the lower-tiers, buying you enough time to get away or fight back, potentially scaring them off. If prey tries to tail-bite you, slap your prey, then eat them if possible. Your shockwave allows you to do it a bit earlier, but killing them will be harder.

In the #GoldenAge update, the Blue Whale has been buffed so that it does more damage to animals, and one-shot all AI animals. It also got a huge buff on knockback, so it can easily smash animals out of the ocean. Finally, the shock-wave happens half a second after the tail-slap, thus allowing the Whale to re-position itself strategically to easily stun all prey in a massive radius. You can also swim along the rivers, and slap land animals into the river. Eat them while they're stunned, since this will give you a high success rate.

Because of this, you have a few new strategies. You can go back and forth between the two oceans via the rivers, slapping lemmings, bees and frogs (you can kill frogs even when they are underwater with your ability). Also, kill bees and ducks that comes in range of your ability. Repeatedly do this until you get 1M. If you see a beehive in the ocean or River, knock it and dive. When the bees lose their spawn protection, they will follow you together. This vulnerability makes them a very easy meal indeed! When they are near you, slap them and get their XP. Rinse and repeat. With the beehive strategy, you can get apex in minutes.

Another strategy, if the map permits it, is to go to a desolate duck pond from a river and farm there. Make sure to cross at the shortest distance between the pond and river. NOTE: Only do this when there is no one around as other animals can interfere with the cross and can even potentially kill you. Check that the coast is clear and make a quick run across the land for the pond. Once there, slap ducks, eat eggs and other goodies, and don’t be afraid to hit animals towards the center of the pond so you can try to eat them. This can be mixed with other strategies because the pond will soon run out of ducks once you arrive (but you will still gain a truckload of XP). Don’t do it if there is not a lot of stuff or if you think it will be hard to get back. Once you are done raiding it, use other strategies while the pond regenerates so you can come back and annihilate it again.

Finally, the riskiest strategy is to stay around the edge of the ocean. When other fishes come by, slap them out and block their path back. Similarly, you can slap a land animal towards the inside of the ocean so it will be hard for them to escape. However, people might be smart enough to dive or go another way, and a predator can trick you by diving at the last second while you waste your ability and lose your dive. Krakens are particularly nasty because you will have no other defense. The T-REX can also drag you onto land. 

The highest rewards are often around the desert when people try to eat cacti on the beach. Fish usually have no hope of surviving there if you slap them there. Bison can be helpful by knocking people in the ocean. Desert animals are very slow in water and will freeze, so you will almost certainly eat them. You can also slap animals into the lava pools (courtesy of the Golden Age update). Slap Komodo Dragons or Bison that have strayed from the Desert far in-ocean. Even better, you can also use your shock-wave to re-position Cacti and smack them into the Ocean. However, be careful since Pterodactyls can grab you and throw you in the desert. 

In beta you can wait for a animal to go in a whirlpool, then you go in the whirlpool and tail slap, then the animals in the whir are knocked out of the whirlpool and stunned, you can also do this outside a whirlpool, when a tree comes and goes in a whirlpool you can knock them out and let a kraken, crab, or sea monster to suck them in or knock them back from the whirlpool, then use tail slap to stun them and bite their tails.

Because of your fast recharge time, you can go against krakens if you are careful. Slap them out of the water and wait for them to come back. Then do this again. If you have a friend. he can be useful to help save you from tight spots or you can go after a sea monster.

Against A Blue Whale

The Blue Whale is a very hard animal to kill due to its very long dive time. A blue whale that is being threatened can dive underwater and swim to the nearest hiding hole. To kill it, you'll have to surprise it. The Kraken is the best animal for killing a blue whale because once its in the pull, there is no way out. You can hide in a whirlpool or under a rock to make sure it can't spot you.

Tail Slap can be used to knock you back allowing the whale to dive underwater. This makes it even more important to launch a surprise attack. NEVER attack a Blue Whale when you're on low health, the tail slap ability can kill you giving the whale easy xp.

As a lower tier animal, tail bites are risky to go for since their ability attacks you where you'd go for the bite. The best way to bite the whale is to hide under it suddenly pop out by its tail. Don't do this unless you're close to evolution or on full health because the whale will probably slap you afterward. You can also try to follow a whale into a hiding hole and bite them when they come out. If they try to slap you, they will find out that it doesn’t work since you just came out of the hole.



  • The Blue Whale's ability is similar to the Donkey, but with a fin instead.
  • When old skins are activated, it looks like the elephant.
  • It is the one of the only animals (along with Walrus) with a unique design (has oval body), if Snake wasn't scrapped.
  • This is the only animal to:
    • Have more health than other animals of its tier without being a Skin Difference.
    • Have an extra part of its ability to be added over a year after being added.
  • The Blue Whale was re-skinned in the June 25 2020 update in Beta.
    • With this update came a glitch: when using the Blue Whale's tail-slap, the shockwave after will have physical effect on diving animals, and even on animals in hiding holes and being able to make them emerge from them.

      Scrapped skin of Blue Whale in KOA teaser.


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