• Lecikis342

    I found wrongdoings in the community that need to be adresses, 

    I am willing to adresse them myself,

    What can I say, I care for the greater interest of the community in terms of providing information, and not allowing misinformation, I have seen minors abuse information pages of the people for the sake of their own entertainment, redressing their own grievances, as well as inattended self-promotion, and innatendace in general towards personal friends,

    I will do otherwise, nor will I care about maintaining my "position" more than being of service towards anyone who seeks information, and being of deterioration to anyone who seeks fun at the cost of the well-education of others.

    I believe I can improve the overall state of this wiki starting fro…

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  • Usernam10

    Dormammu, I've come to Bargain hi community, I've come to apply for Content Moderator. You can vote for/against me in the comments or the poll below (warning, a TON of options, you can ignnore everything except the first two, or you really need to vote the other options). Here's the Pros and Cons:

    • I've been on this Wiki since April 7th
    • I am pretty active for most of the time
    • I have a fair amount of edits (around 800 as of July 26th)
    • I have friendly interactions with other users on this Wiki
    • I have the high ground - you can ignore this, this DOES NOT count as a pro, this is for funny purposes only

    • sometimes I would have to go on hiatus for a few days because of other stuff to do
    • I'm not active 24/7, I need to do other stuff
    • I'm still learning Javascr…

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  • Birdie987

    Admin application

    July 26, 2020 by Birdie987

    I know, I am actually a crazed bird, what? Well, here I am applying for admin.

    Here is the tabulation consent:


    I am active on fandom, and I also have 1100+ edits.

    I know most code in fandom and whatnot.

    I can help others


    I can be "childish"

    I am not always active

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  • Monotonously

    Me as Admin

    July 25, 2020 by Monotonously

    The voting is now over, thank you for your votes!

    Hi! So Indoraptus said I should be admin, so a user said it should be a community vote, like Gaia's most recent blog post. I think I agree, so here we go, comment down 'Yes' or 'No'! And as a bonus, you can vote on this poll down below. Have a safe day and wash your hands!

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  • Gaia94

    Me as Bureaucrat

    July 20, 2020 by Gaia94
    The vote has ended, thank you to all who voted!

    Hi all, so ThePokegeek5000 said that I can be the bureaucrat of this wiki if a community vote is successful in my favour. So, here it is. I think I should be bureaucrat because I'm fairly active, friendly with most users and I definitely won't abuse power (I haven't so far, and have been staff for nearly 3 months). Also another benefit would be Pokegeek wouldn't have to oversee this wiki anymore, and could move on fully.

    My activity can sometimes drop because of school, but I'm always active at least a few times every three days or so.

    If you think I should be bureaucrat, vote 'yes' or 'no' in the comments. I'd say as long as you've been on this wiki for a day, you can vote. Thanks for voting!

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  • Ruby Katana

    Hi! Ruby Katana, coming back from a long break from... technically everything. So, I’m making a Fanfic, and I wanted to say that you can enter! Since the book is called Apex, your creature needs to be an apex, or tier 15, animal to enter. I will need this characters...

    Name Age Species Skin (If original skin, please mention.) Personality Likes Dislikes Whether I can kill them ;) Backstory Extra Facts

    Just comment this and I will try and add your character! Of course, I’m not huge on the wiki, but I would love to add your character. Comment down below!

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  • Monotonously

    Hey mope players, welcome! This event was hosted by Monotonously, and it will end when he says so!

    This event is called Wiki Hide and Seek event!!! This event is exclusively available for the Snowman, Yeti and the Octopus! This is because they all have disguise abilities.

    It will be hosted in Beta US Here are the event times!

    Octopus Event- 5am GMT time

    Snowman and Yeti event!- 8am GMT time

    If you are going to the Octopus Event, you go to the top of the left ocean at the said time if you can.

    If you are going to the Snowman and Yeti event, you will go to the top right corner of the arctic.

    Your name must have the tag [wikievent] if you can fit that, or just [wiki] or [event], and of course your user.

    Here are some examples of what …

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  • Monotonously


    July 5, 2020 by Monotonously

    Am I weird because I stay up late to watch Peppa Pig edits? Yeah, I am.

    If I'm not careful I'll be stamping around the place acting like a 4-year old, saying stuff in the most British accent ever, and yellin 'muddy puddle' and screaming about how Daddy Pig's belly is big?

    Oh wait. I already act like a 4-year old.

    Press 'f' to pay respects


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  • Gaia94


    July 4, 2020 by Gaia94

    Some of you may have noticed on the right hand side of your message wall, there is a box that has "User's Medal's", and a certain animal. These are new medals that I've implemented! I'll write a proper list of all of them, but for now I feel too lazy so here's a rough list of the current medals you can earn (and this data is stored here):

    • Mouse! - 200 edits
    • Rabbit! - 300 edits.
    • Mole! - 400 edits.
    • Pig! - 550 edits.
    • Deer! - 700 edits.
    • Fox! - 900 edits.
    • Donkey! - 1000 edits.
    • Cobra! - 1200 edits.
    • Cheetah! - 1400 edits.
    • Bear! - 1600 edits.
    • Crocodile! - 1800 edits.
    • Rhino! - 2000 edits.
    • Hippo! - 2400 edits.
    • Elephant! - 2600 edits.
    • Dragon! - 2800 edits.
    • Dino Monster! - 3000 edits.
    • Black Dragon! - 4000 edits.
    • King Dragon! - 5000 edits.

    Courtesy of Birdie987, thanks f…

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  • Jakunpi3

    This wiki is best

    June 2, 2020 by Jakunpi3

    Welcome to my user account. Joined in 30 march 2020 lmao. We think its actually awesome wiki mope is growing nice! Will you join us? It will help grow mopeio wiki! Keep on safety stay the home! coronavirus on mopebeta! Koa disabled pandemic mode and fixing godmode! "Official channel of the mope" Actually because so its ok will be soon.

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  • Paliesum

    kahoot or kashoot

    May 31, 2020 by Paliesum
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  • Paliesum

    You heard me;im going on hiatus bc of school D:

    mk cya in june 

    -palie :(

    p.s press f to pay respects

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  • Paliesum


    May 22, 2020 by Paliesum

    I got lucky on it was in Seattle1.

    Seattle1 is considered my 'lucky' server. It was the first time I had gotten apex tier, and I got super lucky today. I've also got DemonFish on it before too.

    Firstly, I got Big Goat. Then a dragon killed me after I rammed into it. Instant karma.

    Then, I got Paki Vulture! My first paki D:

    Wow it would've been crazy if I got like Paki toucan after lmao

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  • Trjejolg18

    i am saying this because its servers need fixing. I was playing as KD when for some f***ing reason, the server decided it wanted to f*** me up and made me lose almost 2 hours of work. This game's servers need imediate fixing.

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  • Paliesum


    May 19, 2020 by Paliesum

    this is a random story. enjoy.

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  • Paliesum

    aloe party

    May 18, 2020 by Paliesum

    yall know how in mope u eat aloe to heal urself?

    and healing stones?

    we'll hv a lot of lil mopers eating aloe and amythest now D:

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  • Squidkrab

    my names in

    May 15, 2020 by Squidkrab

    some arabic name(viral pandemic-5/14/20)

    with my mom it's squidward

    with my therapist it's my real name

    Currently it is PUNCH SAPPHIRE

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  • Amir11112


    May 11, 2020 by Amir11112

    OMG!!! It's really or skin??? I never not see!!!! I play 1 year not see this animal (((

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  • Cupcake107

    I am an active member of the community I've been there for pretty much a year and since then been trying my best at helping and improving this wiki. Since I've been on this wiki I started to help as an editor I undo mistakes and try my best to fix grammar even if its one of my weak point I mostly stick to adding additional infos. I do test out everything i wanna add. I also can dig throught the mope codes and see if anything is unoticed or not added yet to the wiki itself. I'm on the wiki on a daily basic and at leash do 1 edit per day I mostly wander around pages and seek for errors or missing infos. I think i should be hired since i am an active member i also didnt just joined this community i have been there for a good amount of time I …

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  • Birdie987


    May 5, 2020 by Birdie987
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  • Birdie987

    MARKHOR RAM!!!!!

    May 5, 2020 by Birdie987

    Markhor loves to ram animals into the air!!! :)

    I'M LOVIN IT! (Mcdonald's lovers, I'M NOT ADVERTISING!!!)

    I use Markhor to ram bees, frogs, ducks, snails and other players high up into the air!!!

    (FREE FOOD!!!)

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  • Paliesum

    Stupid bees

    May 5, 2020 by Paliesum

    You know when I'm like in mouse tier and im shooting water at mushrooms?


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  • Paliesum Lake Strategy

    April 18, 2020 by Paliesum

    find a lake (the ones with the ducks and lily pads)

    when you reach a certain tier you will be able to eat the ducks and their eggs, this is a good way to XP farm

    this is ownly in the forest and ice biome

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  • Gaia94

    Application for Rollback

    April 14, 2020 by Gaia94

    This is my application for Chat Rollback.

    • I've made 275 edits as of March 19, 2020, and edit on the wiki practically every day.
    • I constantly update articles with new information.
    • I have good grammar, and make sure to fix grammatical errors whenever I see one.
    • Whenever I see vandalism, I undo it.

    • I tend to undo edits that I disagree with.
    • Sometimes I can procrastinate, but when I am working, I get a lot done.
    • I haven't been on the wiki for that long.

    Hey, I'm Gaia. The last few weeks, I've been actively contributing to the Wiki a lot recently, and for the following reasons, I believe that Rollback rights would be beneficial for me. Firstly, I have exceeded the minimum of 100 edits; my editcount shows that I've made 180 mainspace edits to a…

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  • TheMythicIndoraptus01

    In this month, the visits have grown even more, that means that our wiki is gaining popularity, this is thanks to the new users (anonymous and registered) that enter every day contributing positively, correcting spelling mistakes, adding information and updating articles (like you, Gaia). Thanks to this, the WIKI will be even more recognized and will have more strengths than weaknesses, so I just have something to say: Good work, team, keep it up!

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  • Kryth0nXD

    animals for kills

    March 21, 2020 by Kryth0nXD

    hi this is about my favorate killer animale cuz -_-

    ok the best one has to be cobra cuz the poison is ok but if theres a half hp falcon its a ez kill if u can bite it and then f in chat for falcon XD.

    2nd is oviesly zebra because the side kiks are op and also prity low tear so if u die its np.

    3rd is donkye wich i would call the noob zebra cuz bak kik(Jackass op).

    4th is tiger cuz of the anbush grab wich is ok but op if a anima is beeng chased alerdy.

    5th place is gazel cuz like tiger if a animal is beeng chased alredy it ez kill and even better if u die its low tear so jest have some berris and yeet.

    k thats all XD-_-...............................     

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  • Totally Not Treekco1

    Like yeah, they probably love some Kraft Dinner, but you do not have to mention it each time you're a black dragon!

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  • Totally Not Treekco1


    February 5, 2020 by Totally Not Treekco1

    Not many recent blogs, so here's one.

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  • Enbokman0325


    October 8, 2019 by Enbokman0325
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  • Princesslunawolf


    September 18, 2019 by Princesslunawolf

    It's my birthday tomorrow, so I am so happy. 

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  • Azgr

    Do you liked the pig reskin?

    August 31, 2019 by Azgr

    Do you know if Pig has reskin? you liked the pig reskin?

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  • Gerbilfox800

    Best Times/Places

    August 5, 2019 by Gerbilfox800

    So I was experimenting with when the best times and places to come on mope were. I usually prefer less crowded servers, since it means more food and less predators. All of the Russia servers together have a lot of people, but I think there are six different Russia servers, so you can usually find one that’s not too many people. Usually the total of all the Russia servers is somewhere between 1000 and 1500, but one night around 7 or 8 pm New York time, there was only around 300 people in all the Russia servers combined. I tested this again and around that time the numbers do significantly drop. I also noticed that in almost all the servers, the Arctic and Ocean are way less crowded than the desert or the land. Also, any of the Asia/Australi…

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  • Arbuzik3439


    August 2, 2019 by Arbuzik3439

    So... There is no say... Im back!!!

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  • V&G Kittens


    July 10, 2019 by V&G Kittens

    Tier XP Land Bird Ocean Arctic Desert Lava AI
    1 0


    2 50

    none none
    3 200

    none none
    4 450

    none none

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  • V&G Kittens

    I’m Back!

    July 8, 2019 by V&G Kittens

    Before returning from Cathago, I’ve been in many places before returning. One, I had to go back because d forgot his bags of food (the hotel doesn’t give pet food for d). Two, we had to stop at a restaurant to eat. Three, TrAfFicC JAm. Four, Kittianda has thousands of Toll Booths. And Five, the worst part, MyFamilysCarRanOutOfGasSoWePushedTheCarAnddHadToGoToTheBathroomAndWeAlsoHaventHadLunchYet. After that day, I lost my back tooth. And this cat needs a nap right now.

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  • V&G Kittens

    Blaming game

    July 6, 2019 by V&G Kittens

    Lot’s of people have been blaming me for vandalizing pages and adding useless edits when I didn’t do anything. I’m afraid that people would use the template that I created on a non-vandalized page, vandalize that page, and then say that I vandalized the page. I just want to edit pages that need editing and make more templates. Admins, if someone wants to ban me for something that I didn’t do or did do for a reason, don’t. I’m trying to make this wiki better one edit at a time. If it’s an accident that I did do, still don’t. Yes I’m talking to you BULLOfficial, ThePokegeek5000, Silviu200530, and that Nolan guy. Nolan got banned and wanted to ban me, BULLOfficial wants to ban me for an accident and for something I did do for a reason. And the adm…

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  • V&G Kittens

    I can still edit!

    July 1, 2019 by V&G Kittens

    I just downloaded the FANDOM app on my device that I have. That means I can edit now! I will still be inactive on the wiki but will be editing once in a while. So I’m looking up ways to make a HTML Gradient background because I’m creating a template with that background right now.

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  • Arbuzik3439

    There's problem.

    June 28, 2019 by Arbuzik3439

    Hi everyone and this is my very first fandom blog. I have known about since Boa, Spider, Cobra have been added.
    But that's not the point. I leave for about 2-6 weeks (don't be surprised) or even for a year (0_0), and try to learn more about and find out more upcoming information. Maybe you will not need my information, but I hope that this is not so! My last words: Bye, I'll miss the ... Members (you), and the wiki. And by getting lost KITTENS pet D.
    Bye ...

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  • V&G Kittens

    D Vandalisim

    June 26, 2019 by V&G Kittens

    Hey guys! I’m leaving to go on vacation right now. I will share this one thing before I go: There has been a Vandalisim strike on this wiki! Yes you heard me. d has taken over my profile and is vandalizing this wiki! He started Vandalizing my profile, now is vandalizing this wiki! Here are some photos of this mess:

    If you find Vandalisim, use this template I created after him vandalizing my profile:

    Or this one:

    Mom said hurry up, so I gotta go! Bye!

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  • V&G Kittens

    I’m going on vacation right now so I can’t edit. My device that I have with me doesn’t have the FANDOM app and I can’t bring the device with the FANDOM app with me while I’m there. So I won’t be editing until I get back home. See ya!

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  • V&G Kittens

    Vandalisim should not be accepted in this wiki. Photos of people vandalizing are shown at the end of this post. There are many people who vandalize pages in certain ways like putting pages in a different language or changing titles or template spamming or even DELETING ALL THE INFORMATION and then adding useless information or just creating a page that doesn’t have to deal with this wiki’s topic. A few of the names are Stefanie11lol, Nolan1910666 and his supporter, and Others. Ofc I have a hard time editing all of these vandalized pages that I might need to create a template. So here are some images:

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  • Nolan1910666

    plz dont

    June 9, 2019 by Nolan1910666

    Please Don’t This page is under constricción don’t delete or edit it or a dino monster will bam you up

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  • NationIsApig

    Mope Q&A's

    May 22, 2019 by NationIsApig
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    May 19, 2019 by

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  • Awyman13

    Hello everyone! My name is Awyman13, and I’m the Fandom Wiki Manager for the . I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, styling, infoboxes, templates, etc., please contact me on my message wall

    Here are some handy links for help with wiki features:

    • Galleries, Slideshows, and Sliders—ways to present images.
    • Tabbers—a tabbed interface to organize information.
    • Portable Infoboxes—concise presentation of data that works on mobile devices too.
    • Community CSS and JavaScript—more customization options.

    Questions? Let me know how I can help. - Awyman13 23:24, May 8, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Nclearsphinx


    2 and 3






    Animals that are not rares or have a more than 50% chance of appearing but alternate upgrades are in this tier only.

    50-2% chance of spawning as one

    1% chance of spawning as one

    0.99-0.4% chance of spawning as one

    0.39-0.05% chance of spawning as one

    0.05-0.00000000000001% chance XD

    0.000000000000099-0.(number before infinity of 0s)1% chance

    0% chance

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    May 1, 2019 by

    Removed page by: BULLOfficial . Now , go to:

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  • Timlin1


    April 23, 2019 by Timlin1

    hi i am a new member 

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  • V&G Kittens


    April 21, 2019 by V&G Kittens
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  • BlueFlame82! Desert

    April 12, 2019 by BlueFlame82 Got A Update April 12 And Added 6 Desert Tiers(Even Though He Said 7) But Im Happy! My Fav Desert Animal Is Armadillo,Gazzele,GS,And Pteradactyl im looking foward to the next batch of desert animals!

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