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Blackwidow is a sneaky predator. It traps prey in the web and injects sweat poison.
Press W to spin and throw web.

The Blackwidow Spider is the fourteenth Desert animal and is the Desert equivalent of the Elephant, Blue Whale, Mammoth, Giant Spider and Cassowary.



The Blackwidow Spider has black skin, with a red stripe on its abdomen. It has a mandible, a spinneret, and eight legs. On each side, three of the front legs are smaller, pointing forward, while one other leg is longer, and points backwards. It also has four eyes with red circles outside the pupils.


Just like every animal that's able to eat it, eat cacti and aloevera to level up. Preferrably use aloevera or a Healing Stone if there is no aloevera, to counter the damage made by the Cactus. If a predator ambushes you after you've eaten a cactus or if on low health, you can hide in a rock and use your web on the predator to temporarily immobilzse them. It's best to do this close by Quicksand so it will get ultimately slowed down. You can also just throw your web to catch prey thatise already stuck in it. Look out when a Bison uses their ability as it can knock you into a predator, or the ocean. Avoid getting grabbed by Pterodactyls by going into a water spot or hole. When you get chased by them, use your ability to get away from them. Also, use it to prevent them to fly

Giant Scorpions are a larger problem, as they are fast in water spots. Whenever you see them, be careful or they will sting you and cause you to die. If you get stung by one, grab some water and run into a hiding hole.

Using your web on prey in real-time normally isn't effective, as in the few seconds it takes to spin the web and extend it out, prey can run away. A strategy to effectively trap prey in your webs is to spin it, and let it go out to somewhere such as a water spot. You could even try getting it to go into the ocean, and try fish for some sea animals. If you see a Desert animal in the Ocean for whatever reason, use your web to bring it back to you and severely damage it (the strategy primarily works on Bison and Komodo Dragons, as Vultures can fly away). With the combined sweating, poison damage, their lack of ablility to climb hills and freezing in the ocean, you should easily be able to kill a Bison or Komodo Dragon

Although the method listed above is a faster and more practical way of gaining XP, if you're feeling bored, you can join a Giant Spider's nest. You could also go to the Poison lake, where there will most probably be Giant Spiders, providing sanctuary and XP here and there. To get prey into the poison lake or a cluster of webs from a Giant Spider, shoot a web in any direction (under a bush will increase chances of success), and wait for prey to stroll in. If you're in the poison lake and shoot the web between the lake and the other side, non-hill climbers will be dragged through the hills and to the poison lake, meaning they will be an easy meal.

Another strategy, much more cruel is to hide in a rock while spinning your web near the ocean and wait for a shark, octopus, or orca to come by and shoot your web at them, then they will be dragged onto land and will have almost no chance of going back into the ocean even if they are harmed and the web is released.Too make sure they never go back is to drag them onto land into a Giant Spider's nest.


  • This was first hinted by KoA before the premiere came out.
  • It is the second spider in the World, the first spider being Giant Spider.
    • It can even climb the webs of the Giant Spider.
      • The only other animals that can walk over Giant Spider webs are the Giant Scorpion (one of the three arachnids) and Black Dragon/King Dragon (although the latter two actually fly over them instead of actually climbing over them).
    • It is also one of the three arachnids in the game, taking second place.
  • Their abilities work different from each other, too.




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