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Biomes are large areas of distinct land-forms in, where a new evolution path can be followed depending on which biome you level up in. As of March 3, 2020, there are five biomes; Land, Ocean, ArcticDesert, and TimberLand.


A Mouse and Falcon on land.

Main article: Land

The Land biome was the first ever biome to be added when the game was made, on October 2, 2016. It is located between the two Oceans, under the Arctic, and above the Desert. One of the main biomes, it hosts a large Volcano in the middle of it. The TimberLand biome can also be found there. Conditions are average; animals that live here will occasionally have to drink from water spots, but are also able to indulge in various food sources, and climb around on trees, hills, rocks, or in mud patches, or swim around lakes.


A Kraken in the ocean.

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The Ocean biome is the second biome that was added to, on November 21, 2016. There are two oceans, each being located on the left and right sides of the map, vertically positioned, and connected by two rivers. The Ocean is unique compared to other biomes, in that it primarily consists of water. As such, all animals that belong to this area are aquatic, and suited for life in water. However, there are a few Ocean animals that are additionally able to survive for short time on dry land. Sandhills are small islands (the ocean equivalent of hills) that are frequently found scattered around.


A Chipmunk in a Lake.

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The Arctic is the third biome in, and was added on December 26, 2016. It is in the north of the map, positioned horizontally. In many ways, the arctic has similar structure to the Land biome: it has lakes (which are smaller), hills and rocks, and a shares a few food sources. The Arctic also has ice patches, which can make certain animals slip and slide uncontrollably. Also, any non-Arctic creature that drinks light-blue water from the biome will freeze slightly for a few seconds, and move a little slower. Non-Arctic animals also tend to periodically freeze when in there, and vice versa for Arctic animals (they burn when leaving the Arctic).


A Giant Scorpion in the Desert

Main article: Desert

The Desert is fourth biome to be added, on April 27, 2019. It is in the south end of the map, horizontally. Unlike most other landscapes, the Desert is slightly more deprivated of water spots, and water runs out on bars a lot faster. There are many more dangers in the Desert, including harmful plants, and many more animals in general due to the superior XP-gain that comes from the Desert. Quicksand and oases are a common form of terrain; patches of sand that slow certain animals down. Oases are comparable to lakes, however, they will dry up over time until they are a tiny patch of water.


A T-REX in TimberLand

Main article: TimberLand

TimberLand, also referred to as the Amazon Rainforest, is a biome found in a corner of the Land, added on March 3, 2020. It is an extension of the Land biome, but has some slight differences, with the main ones being that many more trees are littered around, there are no hills or rocks to be seen, and all entities become slightly smaller when entering this biome.



  • KOA has stated that there may be up to 4 new biomes added in the near future.[1]


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