Biomes are large areas, where a new evolution path can be followed depending on which biome you level up in. As of March 3rd, 2020, there are 5 biomes. The five biomes are land, the Oceans, the ArcticDesert, and the Rainforest. However, there may be up to 4 new biomes added in the near future.[1]

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Land was the first ever biome to be added when the game was made, on October 2, 2016. It is located between the two Oceans, under the Arctic, and above the Desert. Typically you can find Lakes; medium-sized expanses of water that houses varieties of Duck. There is also a Poison Lake that causes extreme damage to non-poisonous animals. Also found are mud patches; some animals are able to move fast on it while others will be slow and vulnerable. Mud houses Beehives, which further spawn Honey Bees and Carrots. The most common food source there is Mushrooms, and Water Spots, along with Berry Bushes which are scattered around too. Below is a full list of terrain/food that can be found:

Food Name Appearance Notes
Berry BERRY E2.png These berries can spawn independently in random locations, but also can be found in clusters near Berry Bushes usually.
Berry Bush A8A0C1CD-326B-4EEF-969E-B78094521763.jpeg N/A
Water WATER5.png Lava-drinking animals and the Pterodactyl cannot eat water. Water will mostly appear around Water Spots.
Hiding Hole or Cave BigHole.png Large hiding holes, or 'caves', are accessible for all animals. It should also not be confused with whirlpools, a similar structure that have different appearances and only spawn in the Ocean.
Small hiding hole Hole.png Small hiding holes are different to large hiding holes, as they can only be used by animals that are tier 1-6.[2]
Hill Hill.png Hills can only be used by certain animals. Refer to the main article for a list of them.
Rock Rock.png Rocks can only be used by certain animals. Refer to the main article for a list of them.
Lake LakeObstacle2.png Not to be confused with the Poison Lake.
Poison Lake Mope Giantspider2PNG.png This is not like a regular Lake; only one Poison lake will spawn on the whole map, and it also has different effects to the regular lake. Refer to the main article for more information.
Coconut Coconut.png These exclusively spawn on hills, and cannot be found anywhere else.


The Oceans are the second biome, added on November 21, 2016. They are located on the west and east side of the map, with two rivers connecting them. In the Oceans, you can find


The Arctic is the third biome, added on December 26, 2016. It is in the north of the map. In the Arctic, you can find


The Desert is fourth biome, added on April 28, 2019. It is in the south of the map. In the Desert, you can find


Lava is a terrain type found on Land, added in the April 9, 2018, Colossal Update. It is in the center of the map. You will burn in lava and take damage if you are not a Black Dragon, Lava Toucan, Pakistani Toucan, Dragon, Land Monster or Phoenix In lava, you can find

Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest, also referred to simply as the 'forest' is a biome found in a corner of the Land, added in the March 3rd, 2020, Second Golden Age/Ooga Booga Update. It can be in one of the four corners of Land and appears as a dark-green square. In it, you can find:

There are currently unique food sources that belong to the forest, but they might be added in the future.

Notes and references

  2. It should be noted that exceptions to this rule include the Cobra, Blackwidow Spider and Giant Spider, all of which are able to use small hiding holes despite being above tier 6.
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