Not to be confused with the Bush or Mushroom Bush, both of which are different plants that have slightly similar features. Also not to be confused with the Plankton Bush, another type of bush that spawns Plankton within the Ocean biome.

A Berry Bush is a small bush in the shape of a circle that will spawn multiple berries, and spawns in the Land and Arctic biomes in


  • They spawn in the Land and Arctic biome.
    • In Land, regular Berries spawn but in the Arctic, Dark berries naturally appear around them.
    • Arctic berry bushes are slightly darker in colour. However, XP-wise, individual berries have no difference to Land bushes.
  • Animals from Fox tier to Dragon tier will be concealed underneath it.
  • Will spawn multiple berries around it (each berry gives about 2 XP).


Berry bushes are slightly dark red, with some of the bush overlapping the green circular outline of it.


As a lower tier animal (mainly tiers 1-3 as they primarily eat berries), go to a Berry bush to find multiple berries. However, don't use them as your main source of getting them. For animals at Fox tier and above, you can try camping in Berry bushes, then ambushing prey when they approach berry bushes.

Overall, Berry bushes are mainly useful for lower tiers, but not much else other than that, unless you want to try your luck and hide in one from a predator. As higher tiers, you can hide in one, then ambush prey by stunning them with your special ability and damaging them as much as possible.



  • After an update on December 18, 2016, Moles can no longer hide in Berry Bushes and Foxes can, since they swapped places on the food chain.
  • On October 31st 2016, Berry Bushes were temporarily changed to orange pumpkin bushes that said "Happy Halloween!" on them. Berries were also temporarily changed to Pumpkins.
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