The Berry is a food item that spawns in the Land and Arctic biomes. They also will form when a Mushroom is fed water.


  • They give around 2-3 XP points when consumed.
  • Animals within Mouse and Cobra tiers are able to eat berries.
  • Berries will be scattered anywhere across the Land and Arctic biome, but spawn in bulk at Berry Bushes.
    • When pressing S and watering a Mushroom, 5 drops of water will make it explode into multiple berries.
  • It is a stationary food.

Dark berry


These berries spawn around berry bushes in the Arctic biome. They are rarer than the regular berries, and will only spawn around bushes. However, they have no special effect compared to the other berries. It should be noted that when mushrooms in the Arctic are watered, they will not explode into dark berries, but simply the lighter red color.

Arctic Berry


The berries that spawn in the Arctic have the exact same effect as a regular Land berry, but look a bit different. They were replaced with the dark berry. Arctic berries have a similar appearance to plankton, except for the color scheme of each.

Poison Berries


The Poison Berry was a type of berry that was planned for Though it was scrapped, there were two types: Purple and red. Though unknown, it is implied they would've caused poison if eaten. The two berries also could've had different effects, but since it was scrapped, there's no way of knowing for sure. Also, they could possibly spawn in the scrapped poison biome.



  • On October 31st (2016), Berry Bushes were temporarily changed to orange pumpkin bushes that said "Happy Halloween!" on them. Berries were also temporarily changed to Pumpkins.
  • Berries have been around since was first released.
  • All animals used to be able to eat berries, but this was changed to allow only tiers 1 - 8 to eat them.
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