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The Berry is a food item allowing animals to level up, and for some, is the only or preferred way to do so. There are two types of Berries: the small Berry and the large Berry. The small Berry is about the size of a Mouse with 0 XP or a Rabbit with 60 XP, and it gives 1 or more XP when eaten. The large Berry is about the size of a Mouse with 30 XP or a Rabbit with 150 XP and it gives the same XP as a small Berry when eaten. Berries spawn from berry bushes at a rate of 1 per 3 seconds.

As of October 12, when some drops of water are shot at a Mushroom, it bursts into some Berries. This can be very useful for low tiered animals such as a mouse. Berries are one of three natural food sources, and have existed since was originally released. The Berry can be eaten by Zebra tier and below.

Arctic Berry


The berries that spawn in the Arctic have the exact same effect as a regular Land berry, but look a bit different.

Dark Berry


When a large animal (at Lion or above) dies of thirst (or disconnects), it releases a large amount of food. It also used to have a chance to release an incredibly rare dark red food item, unofficially dubbed a "dark berry", that gave 500 XP to the lucky animal who eats it. This has been removed.


  • On October 31st (2016), Berry Bushes were temporarily changed to orange pumpkin bushes that said "Happy Halloween!" on them. Berries were also temporarily changed to Pumpkins.
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