Beehives are structures in that can spawn Honey Bees and Honeycombs.


  • Is a stationary object that can be moved around and can act as a food.
  • Takes 100 hits to eat and gain its XP, giving around 2.5K to 100K XP.
    • Can only be eaten by all animals from Bear tier and above.
  • Spawns 1-4 Honey Bees and a Honeycomb when touched. The Honey Bees will try and attack whichever animal touches the hive.
  • A beehive can be strategically used both offensively and defensively. Attack it to cause it summon bees, run, and dive under your desired target. They will sting it while trying to sting you.
  • A Land Monster sinkhole or a Sea Monster whirlpool will automatically eat the beehive.
  • Black Dragon can eat it in one bite.


The hive is a yellow-gold color with multiple layers. It has a small hole in its center that enables Honey Bees to come out.


Beehives alone will take a long time to eat and even then are insufficient for XP. Because of this, you should simply tap the Beehive to draw out Bees. As lower tiers such as Fox - Mouse, they can't damage beehives so don't bother trying to, as they also can't eat bees.

An ideal strategy to get many Bees out is to try and steer Ducks or other AI animals into the Beehive. Bees will swarm in great numbers and can't sting some AIs, so it's good for that. Additionally, make sure you damage the Beehive sparingly if it's on low health as Bees won't be able to spawn if you eat it.



  • The Beehive is the only terrain that is also a food, the only one that spawns animals and that can spawn its own exclusive food
    • The Beehive used to be the only terrain that spawns food and animals and can be eaten.
  • In a former glitch, the Elephant could eat Beehives in a single shot with its Trunk smack ability.
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