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Battle Royale was a former battle-royale style game mode based on the popular game Fortnite. Initially released to beta around June 2018, it was later discontinued on November 23, 2018 along with Soccer Mode and Zombie Infection mode.


The goal of the game is to be the last animal alive. Unlike regular, there is a red heatwave that slowly expands, limiting each players' moving space around the map. The biome that animals will be enclosed in from the heatwave will vary, but typically the Arctic biome will always be inaccessible. At the early stages of gameplay, animals enter the heatwave for a few seconds and still survive. However as the game progresses the heatwave's lethal killing power will increase in order to eliminate players. Once a player dies, they will be unable to respawn until the game re-starts.

  • There needs to be at least 25 players ready to play before the game starts (as before in beta).
  • There is a timer at the bottom of the screen, saying how long it is until the heat-zone expands.
  • While waiting for more players to join, the players are encased in spawn eggs. These eggs will also spawn all around the map and are edible.
    • If somebody disconnects or leaves the battle, their egg becomes rotten and can be edible by Mole+, and give tons of XP.
  • When in the non-safe zone, text will show up on your screen saying "You can't stay out of the safe area for long!"
  • When a player dies, their animal will become small and they will be invisible spectators to the current players. You will be able to see other deceased players too.


When first falling in an egg, the best thing to do is to land near a Healing Stone or a ton of mushrooms to gain lots of EXP. Once reaching Rabbit, you should find a mud patch and devour carrots and shoot water at more mushrooms, similar tactics will apply with slight changes until you reach about Deer tier, where you should dig for lilypads (beware of bees that may steal your lilypads) and eat the red mushrooms as Fox.

The developers have nerfed low tier animals in Battle Royale, so don't waste your time trying to troll higher tiers.

Once at Tier 7, devour all of the Pears (or Acorns in the Arctic), until Tier 12. The Arctic is a great place to level up, since there are very few predators and a ton of vaulable food. Even if the heatwave covers up the Arctic, the arctic burning won't be that bad and you can upgrade to a land animal in plenty of time if the resources are valuable enough. Wolverines, Sabertooths and Yetis don't have to worry about burn damage at all, and maybe not even one bit when close to the volcano.

Choosing the ocean biome and staying there is a bad idea, unless you are a Crab, Turtle or King Crab, the heatwave will cover the ocean you are in (you may use the river to get to the other ocean, unless that gets covered too), and you will then have no choice but to go into the heatwave or out of the water, you will die either way. Blue Whales and Orcas can dominate well by trapping animals into the heatwave, but will become very ineffective when the safe zone gets closer to land.

The best animals would be dragging animals and knockback animals, they provide good defense and offense and same tier animals won't be able to do the same to you.

Sometimes, the Dragon can be a fair choice in Battle Royale, as you can burn lower tiers, and the fact that animals can't dive or hide once the heatwave closes in means that prey with knockback abilities won't do very well against you. Also,you are immune to lava, which means if the volcano closes you can survive. Though be careful if there is at least three of them, as they can use combined effort to easily kill you, with an addition to the fact that you can't dive or hide as well.

If you are the top predator, there is a very good chance of winning, watch out for trolling animals that my team up and kill you.



Originally this game mode was criticised for it generally favouring lower tiers, namely the Pigeon, having a higher chance to survive. Due to the Pigeon's low place on the food chain, it wasn't able to be harmed but also conveniently was able to fly. Other animals such as the Mole were able to get away with a win or two also.

Efforts were made to make the game less forgiving for lower tiers, and this was somewhat effective until the game's closure.





  • It was added to due to Fortnite's extreme rise in popularity around 2018.
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