The Bar is a meter placed on the bottom of the screen, and is a feature present for all animals in It will show the quantity of some sort of source that is necessary for animals to survive, for example, water. Currently, there are 4 bars: the Water Bar, Air Bar, Lava Bar, and Energy Bar. All of them have different applications, but most animals have two (Water and Air). There is also an experience bar that enables animals to level up.

Types of Bars

XP Bar

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The XP bar is a longer, yellow bar that is beneath the water/lava/energy bars. Unlike the others, your animal doesn't have to maintain the XP bar, but should do so in order to proceed to the next tier.

Water Bar

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The Water Bar is the bar that most animals in the game have. By drinking water, you can increase it. There are multiple sources for regaining water, namely water droplets and water bodies. Water droplets will get it faster, whilst standing in a water source gives a more gradual refill. There are also certain foods, such as Raspberries, Pears, Carrots and a few more that give water upon consumption. Physical exertion (i.e. boosting) and succumbing to Special Abilities that specifically aim to decrease water supply are also ways to lose water.

When your water bar is considerably low, the word "Water" will be replaced with "Low Water", and the words turn red. Additionally, a blue spot will appear next to your animal, indicating to all that you are low on water and an easy target. It goes away once you refill even just a little bit. When the water bar is completely depleted, you will burn and lose health in quick intervals until you die, or get some water. When 1/8 of the water bar is used up, animals also can no longer boost.

Lava Bar

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Lava bar mechanics are mostly similar to that of a water bar. However, no documented food sources in have been seen to give lava back from eating them.

Like water, lava bars can be increased by going near lava sources and healing stones. However, when in a hiding hole near lava, your lava bar will still increase. See the main article for more info.

Energy Bar

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Energy is an exclusive feature to the Pterodactyl so far. Unlike the other two, energy can be gained by eating food, other animals or by standing still (not whilst in a hiding hole). You'll only lose it if your tail is bitten, by using the Pterodactyl's special ability or when boosting.

Air Bar

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'Air bars are unlike all the other meters in They appear when an animal is diving in water or lava, and thus, cannot be seen by non-diving animals like the Eagle and Black Dragon. When an animal is diving, its air bar will slowly go down as its diving time increases. Any other bar you have (i.e. water, lava or energy) will disappear, due to your diving also gaining water or lava simultaneously. When the air bar runs out, your animal will emerge from wherever it's diving and won't be able to see the air bar again until it dives. However, the interval for diving is quite short so it shouldn't be too long a wait.

Different animals have varying air bars. The Pelican and Falcon have the shortest diving times, whilst the Sea Monster has the longest. However, the Sea Monster is a special case; unlike other animals it will not auto-resurface when it's lost air, but instead begin dying like one would when low on water.

Healing Stones

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Healing Stones are a useful item when one wants to regain any of their bars except for air. When in use, Healing Stones will slowly increase the water, lava or energy of whatever animal is using it. Notably, when regaining energy via healing stones, the process is a lot slower commpared to lava or water. Refer to the main article for more info.





  • Since January 28 2017, when you run the bar will not turn gold.
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