The Banana is one of the twenty-five food items that allow animals to level up. At the moment, it can only be eaten by the Cheetah and all animals above it. Bananas are colored yellow, with a slightly darker hue at the edge, and give 100 - 800 XP when eaten.

Banana Tree

Bananas spawn from Banana Trees, which looks like a hill with a bush on it, at a rate of about 3 per second. a few animals can climb the trees while Black Dragons and Dragons can fly over them, allowing these animals to get the inner bananas without any problems. There was a glitch where the bananas spawned rapidly on an undetermined server, but the reason is unknown. It allowed dragons to get a score higher than 10M, and even more.


  • Bananas have existed since the "YUMMY FOOD!" update which occurred on December 15th, 2016.
  • When pressing "W" a gorilla throws a banana (or sometimes a coconut) in front of them, stunning the animal it hits. When thrown, if not hit anything, it can be eaten.
  • Animals that are unable to eat bananas, such as ducks and pigeons, could go through them so that the fruit wouldn't be pushed.
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