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UPGRADED to Armadillo!
Hold 'W' to roll through everything.
Carefully, try eating mangoes around venus fly traps!

Armadillo is the fourth Desert animal and is the equivalent of the Pig, Woodpecker, Seahorse, and Seal.



It has a grey body with a face that looks like Dobby from the Harry Potter series - pointy with large eyes. The Armadillo's tail is the same colour as its face, and small and pointy. It has bony plates on its body that are a dark grey. When the Armadillo uses its ability, it'll tuck in its head and tail, and only the plates will be visible.


Roll over hills so you don't have to go around them. Using the ability, you can gain more distance on predators such as Gazelles (unless they're using their ability). You can also tail-bite predators such as a Vulture. Being tier 4, a Vulture wouldn't bother you at all, so they can be easy to tail-bite unsuspecting. Gobi bears are also good targets.

You can also eat Cactus Pears, Dates and Mangoes. The latter provide the most XP, and can be found around Venus Fly Traps. Make sure to be careful when going for them! Usually 2 to 3 mangoes, about 15 cactus pears and 55 dates are enough to level up.

If the mentioned options don't sound appealing, level up through usage of a Healing Stone.




MOPE.IO *NEW* Armadillo JOINS MOPE DesertUpdate TEASER 63


  • It's the first animal to roll up in a ball.
  • The roll animation is basically a remake of the rolling pumpkin animation.
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