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The Arctic Nut, also referred to as the Acorn, is a food in that spawns in the Arctic biome.


  • All animals that are Muskox tier and above can eat them.
  • Arctic Nuts commonly spawn around Arctic Bushes, as well as Fir trees.
  • They typically give around 500 - 1K XP when consumed, depending on what tier you are.
  • They can also be created when Snowballs merge or if they are fed water.


It looks like a round orange circle, with a brown, rectangle and a flat sphere on its top. The brown area also has a tiny stem on top.It gives off a strong resemblance of an acorn.



  • They are the arctic version of pears, but pears can also spawn in the arctic (less commonly).
  • Arctic Nuts are one of the one-hit foods with the one of the highest XP in game, next to the Watermelon, providing 1K-3K XP.
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