UPGRADED to Arctic Hare!
Press W to burrow a hole and hide in!

  The Arctic Hare is the second Arctic animal and is the Arctic equivalent of the rabbit and trout.


The Arctic hare...


The Arctic Hare, when it is first upgraded, is perhaps the smallest animal in the game. It is also the first arctic animal with a noticeable tail, which, unlike most animalstails, cannot be bitten by its prey. Unlike the regular Rabbit, its body is white, with light pink ears and a pink button nose. 


Try to find berry bushes to quickly level up or unsuspecting predators and bite their tails. Use your initial small size to squeeze through tight spaces and make quick getaways, and corner rather large Chipmunks.

Whatever you do, don't go in in a lake, because Penguins and Seals are fast in it and have a longer dive time than you. Even if the coast is clear from them, ducks will probably get you.



  • When first upgraded, it is smaller than a newly spawned mouse.
  • Originally the Arctic Hare had an ability "drop snow" but it was replaced with the Burrow Hole.

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