UPGRADED to Arctic Fox!
You can kick players out of hiding holes! (Press W when in one)!
+ Hide in red berry bushes!

The Arctic Fox is the 6th arctic animal in and equivalent to the Fox, Hedgehog, and the Jellyfish.


The arctic fox:

  • Can be eaten by all higher animals except Black Dragon.
  • Can eat Rabbits, Pigs, Moles, Deers and their equivalents, Berries, Plankton, Mushrooms, Blackberries, Seaweed, red mushroom and kelp.
  • Can hide in large and small hiding holes and whirlpools. 
  • Can hide in berry bushes.
  • Can Pull animals From hiding holes. 


This animal has a white circular body, white pointy ears and a pointy snout with a black nose.


Use your ability to hide in a berry bush. This ability can be used either offensively or defensively. If you want to go offensive, then use this ability to chase prey easily, since they cannot go through berry bushes.  If they go in a hiding hole, kick them out and rsu!e the chase.  You're best bets, Reindeer, Seals, and Penguins, can outmaneuver you on ice, so don't let them get to it.

If you want to go defensive, however, then use this ability to aid yourself in escaping. Although all your predators can go through berry bushes, you can still outrun them, especially if there are hiding holes near the bushes.  If they go into one with you, kick them out.

An alternative way of getting to the next animal is by eating the Red Mushrooms on the border of the Arctic.



  • The Arctic fox is basically a white version of fox.
  • It was added on 26 December.