background of the Arctic terrain

The Arctic or North pole is the third biome in, and it was added on the December 26th update. It is located on the top of the land/map, and takes up 1/3 of the map's width. In the arctic hills are white, and rocks are gray. In the arctic biome these features can be found:

  1. Bushes.
  2. Berry bushes.
  3. Water Spots.
  4. Hiding holes (Small and large).
  5. Hills (Varying sizes, some contain rocks).
  6. Ice patches.
  7. Blackberries.
  8. Snowballs.
  9. Acorns.
  10. Lakes.
  11. Cloudberries.
  12. Lilypads.
  13. Mushrooms.
  14. Red Mushrooms.
  15. Islands.
  16. Arctic Nuts.
  17. Arctic Volcano.

Arctic Animals (Now Selectable on the Tier Branch):

  1. Chipmunk. (tier 1)
  2. Arctic Hare. (tier 2)
  3. Penguin. (tier 3)
  4. Seal. (tier 4)
  5. Reindeer. (tier 5)
  6. Arctic Fox. (tier 6)
  7. Muskox. (tier 7)
  8. Wolf/Snowy Owl. (tier 8)
  9. Snow leopard. (tier 9)
  10. Walrus. (tier 10)
  11. Polar Bear. (tier 11)
  12. Wolverine/Markhor. (tier 12)
  13. Sabertooth Tiger. (tier 13)
  14. Mammoth. (tier 14)
  15. The Yeti! or Aqua Yeti (tier 15)
  16. Ice Monster (tier 16)


  • The Arctic terrain is colored white, and with a color render of the outlines of the grid squares to see.
  • If you are a non-arctic animal, you will get frozen and lose health.
  • Tigers and Bigfoots will get less damage when they freeze in this biome.
  • Wolverines, Sabertooth Tigers, and The Yeti! don't burn outside the arctic unless they are too close to the Volcano.
  • It is not a popular biome since you freeze to death if you are not an arctic animal (except for tiger) and if you are an arctic animal, you can't go outside your biome.
  • You can now upgrade to a arctic animal at any point.
  • On the 27 december 2017 update, devs sized it up.
  • Syed stated in Discord that the devs did plan on buffing the Arctic biome in general.[1]


  1. Revealed in a screenshot
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