The location of the Arctic biome on the minimap (inside the red circle).

The Arctic biome is one of the four main biomes currently existing in, alongside the Ocean, Land and Desert. It is located horizontally on the northern side of the Minimap, taking up the whole side. It was first released on December 26, 2016.


The background color of the Arctic.

  • Arctic ground is colored white.
  • Similarly to the Land biome, the Arctic has 3 Lakes in total. However, they are much smaller in comparison.
  • When drinking water in any form that has been in the Arctic, non-Arctic animals will freeze a little, slowing movement slightly but not stunning whatsoever.
  • Exlusive terrain:
    • Ice patches: certain areas of ground that cause some animals to slip and slide, being unable to stablely navigate in their desired direction.
    • Arctic Volcano: a volcano in the Arctic, that goes through different phases of dormancy and high activity.

Food and terrain

Food/Terrain name Appearance Notes
Berries/Dark berries Db1.pngBERRY E2.png Regular berries in the Arctic can only be found by watering a mushroom, whereas dark berries spawn by default at berry bushes.
Berry Bush A8A0C1CD-326B-4EEF-969E-B78094521763.jpeg
Not to be confused with Bushes or Mushroom Bushes, all of which have similar characteristics.

Can be found in many random locations, house berries, and appear as tiny red dots on the minimap. They will only generate dark berries.

Water drop WATER5.png Drops of water from the Arctic will cause non-Arctic animals to freeze for a few seconds, slowing them down slightly but not stunning in any way.
Water spot WATER999.png When non-Arctic animals are walking on water spot, they also freeze for a few seconds.
Arctic Hill Arctichill.png These function as regular hills, but are white and only exist in the Arctic.
Rock Rock.png Rocks can only be used by certain animals. Refer to the main article for a list of them.
Cave BigHole.png Caves are accessible for all animals. It should also not be confused with whirlpools, a similar structure that have different appearances and only spawn in the Ocean.
Small hiding hole Hole.png Small hiding holes are different to large hiding holes, as they can only be used by animals that are tier 1-6.[1]
Ice Ice-0.png Ice is a terrain that can be used normally by some Arctic animals, but for others, they will slide around and have bad grip, being unable to move in a stable fashion.
Up to three lakes will be present in the Arctic. They are smaller in comparison to Land lakes, and like other arctic water resources, freeze non-Arctic animals.
Two or three islands always are exclusive to Lakes.
A type of food that isn't directly edible, but when combined with other snowballs/fed water, it explodes into a combination of other foods.
Snow Bush.png
White bushes in the Arctic can generate raspberries, cloudberries and arctic nuts.
Rasp e.png
Raspberries are commonly found in bushes. They automatically provide water upon consumption.
Arctic Nut
Arctic Nuts are commonly found in bushes, and around trees.
Cloudberries are commonly found in bushes. They automatically provide water upon consumption.
Lilypads only can be found in lakes.
Arctic Volcano
Not to be confused with the Land-based Volcano, a different type of Volcano that is located at the center of the map.

The Arctic Volcano is a terrain form that rarely appears, but has many different eruption phases over time.

Igloo thumbLink=Igloo Like Hiding holes, and Caves igloo are usable by all animals, excluding black dragon and king dragon. They act as normal but if out of air, your health bar will slowly be reduced. Also, unlike holes, you can collide with other players and predators cannot kill prey once inside one.



Main article: Tiers

Tier 1

New-Chipmunk.png Chipmunk
The Chipmunk is the first Arctic-spawning animal. Its only ability is to climb trees, at a slow pace.

Tier 2

New-ArcticHare.png Arctic Hare
The Arctic Hare is the second spawning option for the arctic biome. Alike the Rabbit, its ability is to burrow a small hole by pressing W, which stays for 20 seconds without being occupied.

Tier 3

New Penguin.png Penguin
The Penguin is the third animal that can be chosen in the Arctic biome. When on a patch of ice, Penguins can slide on it by holding W. When sliding, they increase in speed and have slightly more control.

Tier 4

NewSeal.png Seal
The Seal is the fourth animal in the arctic biome, and can slide swiftly on ice by pressing W, increasing its speed and slightly its grip. They can also climb hills and rocks.

Tier 5

Newest Reindeer.png Reindeer
The Reindeer is the fifth animal that can be chosen in the Arctic biome. Like its Land counterpart, the Reindeer also has the special ability of digging up food. However, it also has the passive ability of having grip on ice, meaning the Reindeer will move as per normal when on patches of ice.

Tier 6

ArcticFox New.png Arctic Fox
The Arctic is the sixth animal that can be chosen in the Arctic biome. Like its Land counterpart, the Arctic Fox also has the special ability of kicking animals out of hiding holes, with the effect working on all animals from Chipmunk to Polar Bear tier. It can climb trees, but does so at a slow pace.

Tier 7

New MuskOx.png Muskox
The Muskox is the seventh animal that can be chosen in the Arctic biome. By holding the W key, the Muskox can charge, increasing its speed and damaging any animal it comes into contact with. The impacted entity will also experience quite a bit of knockback. However, the Muskox is unable to turn over while using its ability (except when the ability is about to end). They also have the advantageous trait of having grip on ice.

Tier 8

Newwalrus.png Walrus
The Walrus is one of the eighth animals to spawn in the Arctic biome. By holding the W key, the Walrus can slide on ice. It will be able to move faster, and turn slightly better. Walruses are also able to climb on hills and rocks.

New Snowy Owl.png Snowy Owl
The Snowy Owl is one of the eighth animals to spawn in the Arctic biome. The Snowy Owl can climb hills and trees. By pressing W it will start flying, and a crosshair will appear. By setting that crosshair upon prey, the Snowy Owl will start an aerial attack on it which stuns and damages, and drags the prey around. It can climb trees and on hills.

Tier 9

Newest Snow Leopard.png Snow Leopard
The Snow Leopard is the ninth animal that can be chosen in the Arctic biome. Like the land Leopard, it can climb trees and boost when pressing W. Unlike most Arctic animals, it does not have grip on ice

Tier 10

New wolf.png Wolf
The Wolf is the tenth animal spawning option for the Arctic Biome. By pressing W, it will release a howl, and it calls, 'AWOOO!', stunning any animal that comes within its radius, and the animals will say 'Aaah!' in chat. Wolves have the passive ability of grip on ice, and move normally on it without slipping.

Tier 11

New Polar Bear.png Polar Bear
The Polar Bear is the eleventh animal spawning option for the Arctic Biome. By pressing W, it uses its Claw Slash ability, alike the Gobi Bear and the Bear, stunning any animal nearby. It can also climb hills.

Tier 12

New Wolverine.png Wolverine
The Wolverine is one of the 12th Arctic animals. It can climb trees, has good grip on ice and moves fast in water and on mud. Like the Lion, it can roar by pressing W, stunning animals for 3 to 5 seconds and slightly damaging prey.

Markhor.png Markhor
The Markhor is another one of the 12th Arctic animals. The Markhor has a rare species called the Big Goat, but both variants are actually rare and won't always appear on the upgrade menu. Both Markhors can climb hills and rocks. When the Markhor presses W on low ground, it will rear backwards and then forwards, tossing prey far away and causing them to bleed upon landing back on the ground. When pressing W on a hill, a different effect occurs. A crosshair will appear, and when clicking with your cursor, the Markhor jumps to wherever that cursor was.

Tier 13

Sabertooth Tiger-0.png Sabertooth Tiger
The Sabertooth Tiger is one of the 13th animals that spawns in the Arctic biome. By pressing W, it uses its Double Slash ability, stunning any animal nearby. It can also climb hills, move fast in mud and water, and go into the Land and Ocean biomes without receiving burn damage.

Tier 14

New Mammoth.png Mammoth
The Mammoth is one of the 14th animals that spawns in the Arctic biome. By pressing W, it will roll a snowball and shoot it, stunning any animal that gets hit by it. It also has a grip on ice, and will move normally on it.

Tier 15

Yeti-0.png The Yeti!
The Yeti! is the fifteenth animal spawning option for the arctic biome. By pressing W, it freezes surrounding animals which makes them move slowly and they will be stunned for a few seconds. It can also hold down W to disguise as a snowball.

NewSnowman.png The Snowman
The Snowman is the fifteenth animal spawning option for the arctic biome. By pressing W, it freezes animals nearby (like the Yeti). It can climb hills, and turns invisible when standing still, and is immune to ink. It can be purchased at the Shop for 3,000 Mope Coins, or you can get it by luck for the slim chance of 1/2000.
The Snowgirl.png Snowgirl
The Snowgirl is the fifteenth animal spawning option for the arctic biome and is presumably a female version of the snowman. It looks like a Snowman except some features are replaced with pink colors. By pressing W, it turns nearby animals into ice statues for 1.5 seconds (like the Aqua Yeti but not as strong). It can climb hills, turn invisible when staying still, and is immune to ink. It can be purchased at the Shop for 20,000 Mope Coins.

Tier 16

New Ice Monster.png Ice Monster
The Ice Monster is the 16th animal that can be chosen in the Arctic biome. It can climb hills at a very slow pace, and go into the Land biome without receiving burn damage. By pressing W, it can shoot an ice crystal that freezes and damages animals. This ice crystal cannot go over hills, and they also must 'grow' on the Ice Monster's back before they can be shot. The growing takes a relatively short time, and provided the crystals aren't used excessively, there will be no need to wait. Ice Monsters, when biting prey, will also inflict a freeze bite on all non-Arctic animals, causing them to slow down.



  • The Tiger is the only animal not to be damaged when entering this biome, unlike other Land animals. However, it can still succumb to being frozen by water.
  • Wolverines, Sabertooth Tigers, The Snowman and Yetis don't burn outside the arctic unless they are too close to the Volcano.
  • It was not a popular biome since it's a lot harder for high tiers to level up with the mediocre food resources.
    • Syed stated in Discord that the devs did plan on buffing the Arctic biome in general.[2] This occurred on September 3, 2020, to both the Arctic and the Ocean.[3]


  1. It should be noted that exceptions to this rule include the Cobra, Blackwidow Spider and Giant Spider, all of which are able to use small hiding holes despite being above tier 6.
  2. Revealed in a screenshot
  3. In-game update
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