Animals play an important role in After all, they are what the game is all about. They are divided into 4 groups with specific habitats: Ocean, Land, Desert and Arctic Animals. See individual sections for more in-depth explanations.


As of now, there are in total 117 animals (including rare animals), and 124 with A.I. animals. They form a food chain, where stronger animals (outlined red) are able to eat those below them (outlined lime green). Animals lower in the food chain can kill or damage animals higher in the food chain through the use of abilities or biting tails. Land animals above Rabbit, Arctic animals above Arctic Hare, Ocean animals above Crab, Birds above Pigeon, and Desert animals above the Desert Chipmunk all have a tail, which can be bitten by lower-level animals.

Health Bar

Animals also have Health Bars, which will be lost if an animal is bitten by a predator, or from environmental causes. However, health bars naturally regenerate overtime, and also do so even faster through the use of Healing Stones. Certain types of food such as Aloevera and Mushroom Bushes have health bars too. Unlike for animals, the health bar of food will not regenerate. When animal loses health, it generally also gets smaller in size, even if it has a lot of XP.


Each animal in has its own outline, that will change depending on its place on your animal's food chain. Animals with a green outline are prey; you can eat them. However, prey is also able to tail-bite you, a phenomenon that will mean you receive damage and lose some XP. Due to this, the tails of predators will have a green outline, but they are often hard to get to. See the main article for more info. If an animal has a red outline, it is a predator and is able to eat you. Like with prey, you can tail-bite predators too.

There are some animals that are either too high on the food chain to consume you, or too low a tier for you to eat them. They will have a dark green outline. Note that these animals can still cause you to be affected by certain Special Abilities, but the effect may not be as severe/harmful.

Food also has outlines. Consumable food will have a green outline, and non-consumable food will have a dark green outline. However, some foods such as cacti can still hurt you, but indirectly so.

Different divisions

It should be noted that animals will be counted as "Land" or "Ocean" dwelling if that is the biome they will spawn in upon upgrading and selecting them. Certain animals are able to survive outside of their given biome, but normally it comes with a twist, such as receiving damage overtime. Overall, most animals will have the best chance of surviving in whatever biome they spawn in.

Ocean Animals

Main article: Ocean

Ocean animals normally dwell in the oceans, (Located on both sides of the Map, both connected by two Rivers), but can also survive in lakes and water spots. On land, their "Water" runs out very quickly (with the exception of a few, such as Pelican and Turtle) and can easily dehydrate to death. As of a new update, ocean animals also burn on land.

Land Animals

Main article: Land

Land animals can both live on land and in water. However, they are particularly slow in water, with the exception of a few, such as Crocodiles, Hippos, and Dragons. When a land or ocean animal enters the arctic, they will freeze periodically, taking damage and being stunned for a moment. The same applies with the Desert, except animals will be burned in there, with no stunning. Non-arctic/desert animals also lose water more quickly in the arctic. There are currently no non-Arctic animals that don't freeze in the Arctic except the Tiger. However, there are a couple of Land animals that can survive in the desert without burning (e.g. Ostrich, Lion).

Rainforest Animals

Main article: Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is technically a sub-biome; all entities become smaller, and there are a lot more Trees than usual. Whilst any animal can spawn in this biome by pure chance, The BigFoot will always spawn in it no matter what, and is currently the only animal that officially belongs solely to the rainforest biome.

Arctic Animals

Main article: Arctic

Arctic animals can survive in the Arctic biome, but most of them will periodically burn over time when being in any biome other than the Arctic. Most arctic animals have grip on ice, with some exceptions being the Snowy Owl and Arctic Fox. As of 2020, the only Arctic animals immune to land burning are the Sabertooth Tiger, The Yeti, Ice Monster, Wolverine and Markhor. These animals will burn when in a near radius to the Volcano; they used to also be immune to Desert burning but aren't as of the #GoldenAge.

Desert Animals

Main article: Desert

Desert Animals are essentially the warm counterparts of Arctic Animals. Unlike Arctic animals, all desert animals can survive in the Land biome without being periodically damaged. However, instead they will periodically freeze overtime when in any water body that isn't in the Desert. Certain Lava animals such as the Black Dragon and Phoenix can survive in the Desert without burning, and the Giant Scorpion can survive on lava without dying.


Main articles: Special Abilities and Passive Abilities

Most animals have special abilities that can be used to escape or attack predators, capture prey, or collect food. They can be used offensively or defensively, but normally will have a certain re-charge time, and can be activated by pressing W. There are also some animals with passive abilities; extra traits that are useful in surviving and upgrading faster.

Each animal has an experience bar, which indicates its progress, how much food it has eaten, and how much more it will have to eat in order to upgrade to the next one. The higher an animal is in the food chain, the more XP it needs to gain to upgrade to the next.

Animals cannot eat or damage animals in the same tier (except for tiers 15 or higher through tail-biting); most animals also cannot eat animals more than about 5-8 tiers lower (depending on the animal); correspondingly, those animals cannot tail-bite animals in the higher tier. You can’t go in lava, or else you will die from burning except for Lava Toucans, Black Dragons, Phoenixes, Land Monsters, and king dragons. Regular dragons, Giant Scorpions, and Pterodactyls in GOD MODE will survive in lava as well, but scorpions and dragons will need the big gemstone to give them water. Ostriches may survive on lava as well as long as their babies are on a healing stone.

Animal List (Common animals)

Tier Upgrades At Land Bird Ocean Arctic Desert Amazon Rainforest
1 0 Mouse MouseBeta N/A Shrimp New shrimp Chipmunk New-Chipmunk Desert Rat New-Kangaroorat N/A
2 50 Rabbit New Rabbit Pigeon Pigeon Trout New-Trout Arctic Hare New-ArcticHare Desert Chipmunk New-DesertChipmunk N/A
3 200 Mole Newmole Chicken/Penguin

ChickenNew Penguin

Crab New-Crab Penguin New Penguin Meerkat New-Meerkat N/A
4 450 Pig Piggy Woodpecker Woodpecker Sea-horse Sea Horse Replacement Seal NewSeal Armadillo Armadillo N/A
5 1K Deer New deer Flamingo Flamingo Squid New Squid.png Reindeer Newest Reindeer Gazelle New Gazelle N/A
6 2.1K Fox/HedgehogNewfox Newhedgehog Peacock Peacock Jellyfish Newjellyfish Arctic Fox ArcticFox New Fennec Fox New Fennic Fox N/A
7 4.2K Zebra/Donkey Newzebra Newdonkey Macaw Red Macaw Turtle New Turtle Muskox New MuskOx Warthog New Warthog N/A
8 7.9K Cobra/Giraffe New Cobra Newgiraffe Snowy Owl Snowyowl Stingray Stingray New Walrus/Snowy Owl NewwalrusSnowyowl Camel Camelnew N/A
9 15K Cheetah/Gorilla Newest Cheetah Newgorilla Toucan Toucan 0 Pufferfish Puffer fish Snow Leopard Newest Snow Leopard Rattlesnake Rattlesnake N/A
10 28.5K Bear/Tiger New Bear New Tiger Pelican Pelican Swordfish Swordfish New Wolf New wolf Gobi Bear/
Hyena Gobibear Hyena
11 54K Crocodile/Lion New Croc TODAY LION Falcon Falcon Octopus New Complete Octopus Polar Bear New Polar Bear Vulture Vultur N/A
12 105K RhinoNew Rhinoceros Eagle New Eagle Shark New-Shark WolverineNew Wolverine Bison New Bison N/A
13 250K Hippo/Boa Constrictor Hippo-0 BoaConstrictor Ostrich Ostrich Killer Whale New Killerwhale Sabertooth Tiger Sabertooth Tiger-0 Komodo Dragon Komodo Dragon N/A
14 500K Elephant/Giant Spider Newelephant GiantSpider Cassowary Cassowary Blue Whale New Blue Whale Mammoth New Mammoth Blackwidow Spider Blackwidowspidermope N/A
15 (995K) 1M Dragon/T-Rex Dragonnew New Trex Phoenix PhoenixOfficialArts The Kraken/King Crab New Kraken KingCrab The Yeti!/The Snowman Yeti-0 The Snowman Pterodactyl Pterodactyl The BigFoot Thebigfoot
16 5M Land Monster/Dino Monster Land Monster D No Monster Bird Monster (confirmed by Syed) Bird MonsterReddit Sea Monster New Sea Monster Ice Monster New Ice Monster Giant Scorpion GiantScorpion N/A
17 10M Black Dragon/King Dragon Blackdragon KingDragon


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  • On October 29 and 30 of 2016, the animal graphics were updated to be much more detailed (no longer simple colored circles), and were created by Pike.
    • In the #GoldenAge update however, nearly all of the graphics for all animals were replaced by High-Definition graphics, from multiple dev artists.
  • The first animals to be added to the game (besides the Mouse, Fox, and Lion) are, in the developer's words, the "Pig, Rabbit, Crocodile, and Dino (Dragon)". These were added on October 4, 2017.
  • On the January 4, 2017 update, a change was made where Arctic Animals were 10% slower outside of the Arctic and Land Animals are 10% slower in the Arctic to promote animal usage in their respective biomes.
  • There is a way to know which animal MIGHT be added in the future, a few days before the mammoth was added, Pike already made a mammoth flair, and it was added after a few days.
  • There was a glitch where you upgrade to the next animal, for a second, you turn green, the same color as prey. Something similar occurs when you upgrade to an arctic animal from a land animal (catch on fire, with notification, but no damage), or form arctic to land ("It’s cold in the arctic", with animation, but no damage). This is because you go to next animal, then you move to your biome. This was fixed in an unknown update.
Animals in

Prehistoric Animals

Sabertooth Tiger-0 Sabertooth Tiger · New Mammoth Mammoth · New Trex T-REX · Pterodactyl Pterodactyl · D No Monster Dino Monster

Artificial Intelligence Animals

Snail-0 Snail · New Lemming Lemming · New Duckling Duckling · Duck3 Duck · Arctic Duck3 Arctic Duck · New Goose Goose · Mouse Mouse (food) · Chipmunk Chipmunk (food) · Frog Frog · Honeybee Honey Bee · Bullet Ant Bullet Ant (upcoming)

Removed/Replaced/Scrapped Animals

Snake Snake · Mantaray Manta Ray . Bullet Ant Bullet Ant . Coyote Scrapped Coyote

Upcoming Animals

Bird MonsterReddit Bird Monster · Dolphin-A Dolphin · Bullet Ant Bullet Ant

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