You can eat this animal since it has a light green outline.


This animal has a red outline, meaning it can eat you! The light green tail means that you can bite it.


This animal is Dark-green outlined, meaning it's too big for you to eat it or bite it or both of you are the same level. It's peaceful to you.


Animals play an important role in They are divided into 4 groups with specific habitats: Ocean animals normally dwell in the oceans (Located on both sides of the Map, both connected by two Rivers), but can also survive in lakes and water spots, so long as they are in water and not on land, in which case their "Water" runs down very quickly (with the exception of a few, such as Pelican and Turtle) and can easily dehydrate to death. Land animals can both live on land and in water. However, they are particularly slow in water, with the exception of a few, such as crocs, hippos, and dragons. When a land or ocean animal enters the arctic, they will freeze periodically, taking damage and being stunned for a moment. Non-arctic animals also lose water more quickly in the arctic. Only the tiger is immune to the arctic frost. Arctic animals are similar to land animals, except that they normally dwell in the Arctic. If an Arctic animal exits its specific biome, it gets periodically damaged. However, it will burn instead of stunning. So far, the only arctic animals immune to land burning is Sabertooth Tiger, Yeti, Ice monster and the Wolverine. However, they will still lose water very fast, like the other arctic animals when outside the arctic, plus they take near the volcano fire damage. Desert animals can survive in the Desert and the Land biome at the same time, however, when you go in a water spot, river or the Ocean you will freeze overtime (except for the water spots in the Desert).

As of now, there are in total 112 animals (including rare animals), and 119 with AI animals (AI chipmunk doesn´t count as it is a playable and AI at the same time). They form a food chain, where stronger animals (outlined red) are able to eat those below them (outlined lime). Animals lower in the food chain can kill or damage animals higher in the food chain through the use of abilities, or through biting tails. Land animals above Rabbit, Arctic animals above Arctic Hare, Ocean animals above Crab, and Birds above Pigeon all have a tail, which can be bitten by lower animals.

Most animals have special abilities that can be used to escape predators, capture prey, and collect food.

Each animal has an experience bar, or XP, which indicates its progress, how much food it has taken, and how much more it will have to eat in order to upgrade to the next one. The higher an animal is in the food chain, the more XP it needs to intake to upgrade to the next.

Animals cannot eat or damage animals in the same tier (except for Dragon tier or higher); most animals also cannot eat animals more than about 5-8 tiers lower (depending on the animal); correspondingly, those animals cannot tailbite animals in the higher tier. You can’t go in lava or else you will die from burning expect lava toucans, black dragons, pheonixes and king dragons.

Upgrade Choices

Tier Upgrades At Land Bird Ocean Arctic Desert
1 5 Mouse Chicken (removed) Shrimp Chipmunk Kangaroo Rat
2 50 Rabbit Pigeon Trout Arctic Hare Desert Chipmunk
3 200 Mole Penguin Crab Penguin Meerkat
4 450 Pig Woodpecker Sea-horse Seal Armadillo
5 1K Deer Flamingo Squid Reindeer Gazelle
6 2.1K Fox/Hedgehog Peacock Jellyfish Arctic Fox Fennec Fox
7 4.2K Zebra/Donkey Macaw Turtle Muskox Camel
8 7.9K Cheetah/Giraffe Snowy Owl Stingray Wolf Warthog
9 15K Cobra/Gorilla Toucan Pufferfish Snow Leopard Hyena
10 28.5K Bear/Tiger Pelican Swordfish Walrus Gobi Bear/
11 54K Croc/Lion Falcon Octopus Polar Bear Vulture
12 105K Rhino Eagle Shark Wolverine/Markhor Bison
13 250K Hippo/Boa Constrictor Ostrich Killer Whale Sabertooth Tiger Komodo Dragon
14 500K Elephant/Giant Spider Cassowary Blue Whale Mammoth Blackwidow Spider
15 1M Dragon/T-Rex Phoenix The Kraken/King Crab The Yeti! Pterodactyl
16 5M Land Monster/Dino Monster Bird Monster (unconfirmed) Sea Monster Ice Monster Giant Scorpion
17 10M Black Dragon/King Dragon (1/1000 chance of upgrading to or reached by killing all 7 Tier 15 animals, All 5 Tier 16 animals, and 1 Black Dragon)


  • On October 29th and 30th, the animal graphics were updated to be much more detailed (no longer simple colored circles).
    • As of October 30th, these new graphics are optional.
    • The new graphics were created by Pike!.
  • The first animals to be added to the game (besides the mouse, fox, and lion) are, in the developer's words, the "pig, rabbit, croc, and dino (dragon)". These were added on October 4th.
  • On the January 4th update, a change was made where Arctic Animals were 10% slower outside of the Arctic and Land Animals are 10% slower in the Arctic to promote animal usage in their respective biomes.
  • There is a way to know which animal MIGHT be added in the future, a few days before the mammoth was added, Pike already made a mammoth flair, and it was added after a few days.
  • There was a glitch where you upgrade to the next animal, for a second, you turn green, the same color as prey. Something similar occurs when you upgrade to an arctic animal from a land animal (catch on fire, with notification, but no damage), or form arctic to land ("It’s cold in the arctic", with animation, but no damage). This is because you go to next animal, then you move to your biome. This was fixed in an unknown update.

Jurassic Animals

Trex T-REX · Pterodactyl Pterodactyl · D No Monster Dino Monster

AI Animals

Snail Snail · Chipmunk Chipmunk · Duckling Duckling · Duck Duck · Arctic Duck Arctic Duck · Goose Goose ·

Frog Frog · Honeybee Honeybee · Bullet Ant Bullet Ant (Upcoming)

Removed Animals

Lemming Lemming · Snake Snake · Chicken Chicken · Mantaray Manta Ray

Upcoming Animals

Bird MonsterReddit Bird Monster Bullet Ant Bullet Ant Markhor Markhor

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