The Aloevera is a food source that are released as part of the Desert update. It provides temporary invincibility when consumed for all animals from Vulture to Blackwidow Spider. The whole plant can be eaten by animals between Vulture and Black Dragon tiers, but provides no healing power beyond Apex tier.


  • When the whole aloevera plant is eaten, it heals animals, and provides invincibility for 25 seconds.
    • It can be eaten in 10 hits.
    • Its healing effect applies 2 times faster, and for 16 more seconds than individual leaves.
  • The healing effect only applies for animals from Blackwidow Spider tier and below.
  • Aloevera plants could formerly be damaged by abilities, but this effect was rescindled in the Golden Age update.
  • Aloevera leaves will appear as the plant is being damaged.


The plant is completely green, with a large green stem in the middle. Large leaves that have spikes branch off from it, and they look like bigger versions of the individual leaves.

The Aloevera leaf was released with the Aloevera plant, as a part of the Desert update. The leaves can be consumed by any animal between Gazelle and Black Dragon tiers. It also has healing power that is less effective when compared to the whole plant, but still heals nonetheless. Like the whole plant, leaves will only heal animals between Gazelle and Blackwidow Spider - Apex tier and above don't heal from eating it.


  • Leaves spawn around the whole plant, and will also appear when the plant is being damaged.
  • The aloevera leaf gives the same effect, but the healing power isn't as strong, and only for 6 seconds.
  • All animals from Gazelle tier and above can eat Aloevera leaves.
    • In Beta, tier 1 animals and above (Desert Rat+) can eat leaves as of June 24, 2020.
  • The healing effect only applies for animals from Blackwidow Spider tier and below.

A ppearance

It has 11 green leaves sprouting from the center of the plant, which is also green. The leaves have spikes on their sides.



  • Aloevera used to be large, but were made smaller after the #GoldenAge update.
  • In the former Viral Pandemic mode, Aloevera spawned in all biomes. It used to help sanitise from the virus.
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