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Update (Nov 23)
Eagle Nerf:
-can't pick animals if its health is less than 60%
-flight time is based on the size of the animal grabbed
-bigger the animal short the flight
-ocean animals slip early
-flight speed in arctic is 35% slower than land
-flight speed in ocean is 25% slower than land
-cant pick animals if hiding under bush, berry bush or plankton bush.
-cant use ability if its stunned/grabbed/stunk/webstuck/frozen/bleeding/poinsoned and so on.

Arctic buff:
-lakes/waterspot/water give cold effect to non-Artic animals
-when get cold the animals move slow
-health damage when diving in arctic lake
-new water colors in artic
-3 lakes in arctic
-arctic lakes are smaller in size than land lakes

Update (Nov 15) Mopelution update!
T.Rex buffs:
-can go under water
-can sprint by double tap boost buttons (unlocks at 7.5mn XP)
-sprinting loose water, can sprint for 4s (helps from evading dragons)
-does more damage during ability shake
-victim bleeds for 4 seconds (also does dmage every)
-less fire damage (from dragons)
-Trex vs Trex can fight like dragon

Black Dragon buff:
-unlock fly ability after 40mn XP
-flying activates with double tap boost buttons
-fly actives only if lava is more than 70%
-can fly upto 10-15 seconds
-fly safe: during flgiht no healing/recharging/biting/hitting anything in the game

Giraffe buff:
-can move around during ability for better aiming
-ability duration increased +0.5s to +1.5s (random)
-move speed increased during ability 40%;

Tiger buff:
-longer pounce time between +1s to +1.5s (random)

Shark buff:
-new ability (shark bite)
-drops meat if bites an animal
-can sprint by double tap boost buttons (unlocks when 180k XP)
-sprinting loose water, can sprint for 3s
-new bite animation

New Animal: Eagle
-can grab and fly animals in air, runs faster when attacking (claws show on front)
-can grab small animals in its claws and drops after 5 seconds
-can fly to protect for longer duration (but looses water) also can abort flight anytime by double tap boost button
-new flying animation, wings moving to show it flying
-eagle can drop vitcim from claws if in flight.
-on drop victim gets significant damage
Arctic Buffs:
Sabertooth Tiger Buffs: faster in mud/lake/waters/hills
-Now land animals can upgrade to Artic animals from land if close enough to Artic boime.
-Wolverin and Sabertooth Tiger dont burn on land
-Tiger doesnt burn in Artic
-All arctic animals dont burn up when in the ocean but if too deep
-New: Cloudberry food, edible by +deer/Arctic Hare
-More foods in Artic now
-Polarbear/cheetah ice grip buffed
-Arctic animals no longer loose too much water if inside artic
-Lakes are back in Arctic
-Yeti can go anywhere
-Yeti/Wolverine/Sabertooth get burnt if they are close to Volcano
Trot & Seahorse buffs:
-Both animals get quick Dash ability
Pig Ability:
-has new Fart ability only in mud
-can fart in hole and animals if in hole can be stunk
-animals knock out from hole if stunk after 1-2s (random)'
-stunk effect lasts for 2-3s (random)
---Misc. Buffs:
-Elephant is rhino speed in water
-Cheetah/Snow Leopard slightly faster on land and have 33% extra boost
-Yeti/T.Rex/Krakens can fight like Dragons
-Swordfish charge is no longer locked
-first 3 tier cant activate spider web anymore
-croc buff: can damage same tier as well as predators
-mouse AI bots on land!

Update (Nov 2):
-NEW: Tiger animal: Has multiple abilities in one! With each ability use, it cycles between grabbing prey, and slashing/biting. PLUS, hold W to grow a hiding bush, and wait for something to walk by!
-NEW: Giraffe animal! Stomp ability starts a continuous knock-back attack that can be deadly but hard to aim.
-NEW: T-REX animal! Equal to dragon, this giant loves to drag prey around with it's powerful huge jaws!
-NEW: Zebra's ability has been updated to a (Hilariously) fun double-side-kick!
-Animals now fade (including name!) when going under green hiding bushes, makes a great ambush point
-animals can now charge even when low water
-eating an animal gives you ~55% of it's xp now, instead of 65% (bigger xp drain)
-yeti and kraken abilities are improved: radius of the ability is now 3X animal radius
-Arctic damage is now 30% lower, PLUS 2X lower for low lvl (or low hp) animals (letting animals more easily upgrade into arctic)
-donkey was slightly nerfed due to feedback, damage is now randomly 10% lower, longer cooldown

Update Oct 2: Bug fixes:
-removed +EAT interface (overcrowded and no longer useful), added basic instructions on how to play
-boa can't bite for 1s after coiling something
-elephant randomly has up to a 1s extra cool down after ability use
-dragons can get caught in web now, for only 5s (half time)
-cobra venom now does 50% lower damage on instant impact, and 50% lower damage from venom (and even lower when poisoning animals that are higher lvl than cobra)
-animals can no longer spawn on lava
-certain animals eg. bear, gorilla, can no longer climb rocks (as before the last update bug)
-cobra can’t spit poison from underwater/hiding holes anymore
-cobra spits 3 poison when in mud (1 extra )
-boa + cobra move 2x faster in mud now (same as rhino speed)
-spiders can now go in tiny hiding holes

Update(September 23):
-NEW poison effect: poison slows you down (by 10%), and hurts you until the poison wears off- eat food/water of all kinds to cure your poison faster!
-biting a poisoned animal (even the tail) will make you equally as poisoned as it!
-octopuses now can disguise as healing rocks
-fixed diving button bugs
-fixed fire 2x xp giving bug (the xp bug causing people to get crazy xp amounts)
-NEW Cobra animal- bitting it will poison you, if it bites you it will poison you too!
-cobras spit venom (hold r-click/W to continue spitting venom)
-NEW Boa constrictor animal- coils up on any animal and suffocates it, causing continuous damage!
-can suffocate prey of any size!
-NEW Spider animal: Spiders can climb press W to start spinning some web- Press W again to stop
-The longer you spin the web, the bigger it gets, then eventually it starts be become more transparent (but a bit smaller)
-touching web gets your animal entangled, for 10 seconds
-biting an animal stuck in web (even tail-biting) frees the entangled animal (it cuts the web!)
-spiders hate swimming, and cant breathe long underwater!
-spiders and cobras are immune to poison
-My appologies for not making updates for a (long) while- I was busy with many personal things, but now that's all done! The mope team is re-assembled and ready to pump out more new stuff! Mope will continue getting new updates :) -Stan Tatarnykov, creator (clickstan)

Update (April 24) Bug fixes:
-Fixed bugs with diving, balanced elephant (faster in water, smaller in size) and whale (ability is a bit slower, krakens no longer fear it!)
- Kraken whilrpools size increased (its balanced with whales now)
- Whale has +1s cooldown
- Whale stun is -1.5s for predators and -1s for preys.
- Mammoth ability cooldown increased to +1s
- Elephant speed in water is same as hippo
- Elephant/Whale/Mammoth is less than Dragon tier now so they dont look so big if they are fully grown
- Dragon fireball reach has been increased by 25%
- Animals can dive after 2s of last tail bite
- Fixed black dragon downgrade bug, along with several other bugs

Update(April 18) BIG NEW CREATURES!
-NEW: Huge Elephant animal! Elephants are above hippo, have a powerful trunk ability!
-NEW: Blue whale animal! Huge, blows water, has a powerful tail slap ability!
-NEW: Sabertooth tiger (in the arctic), has double-claw ability
-Dragons can now move through each other (to fight better!)
-Dragon is now 1m xp to get, elephant/blue whale is 500k, mammoth moved up to elephant lvl
-Tail-bite xp gain is now limited to 2X your current xp (reduce instant-dragons for low lvl animals)
-Russian servers were put in the Europe region (most were hosted in germany anyways)
-blue whale's tail stuns extra long (4 seconds for prey!)
-elephants can shoot water 2x faster (long trunk)
-elephants can reach food/ animals with their long trunk
-water shooting speed increased 50%
-added adblocker message

Update (April 10) Tweaks + bug fixes:
-doubled wrong-biome damage
-tweaked acorn xp, fixed mushroom bush xp
-we're doing a test cross-promo with our friends at

Update(April 9) Colossal Black Dragon!
-NEW: Black dragon animal! (10m xp needed, downgrades if you lose too much xp, only heals from healing stones)
-Black dragons live in the NEW lava biome, in the middle of the map
-NEW: healing stones: magic pink stones across the that heal your health+ give xp +water
-BIG Healing stones in lava heal 3x faster!
-NEW: Meat! 3 kinds, Dropped by animals on death from natural causes (eg. lava, thirst!)
-NEW: Watermellon food, spawns in lava, very good xp (but dangerous to get!)
-Arctic: was reduced in size (land/ocean increased), many tweaks in food/ice
-Arctic: Animals no longer can teleport TO the arctic on upgrade- must upgrade IN the arctic to be an arctic animal!
-Arctic: non-arctic animals in the arctic will get cold every 15s, arctic animals outside the arctic will get hot! (causes a bit of damage)
-Arctic: Chipmunk bots added, ice is 2x more slippery (for most animals)
-black dragons only heal when on lava, or from healing stones
-black dragons unlock triple-fireballs
-dragons/krakens/yetis can now use big hiding holes (hide from the black drag!)
-# servers reduced, to increase player concentration
-dozens of other tweaks not mentioned here!

Update(March 24) Rapid Rivers!
-NEW: Rivers flow between oceans in!
-Certain animals are unaffected by the river current: Croc, hippo
-NEW: abilities can push/damage food (eg. mushroom bushes)! Plus, kraken sucks up all food!
-NEW: Snails have come alive (first basic AI)! They love to eat plankton, hide in shells! (And bite your tail!)
-orca wave ability buffed (longer stun, more damage)
-Lots of tweaks to food concentration, respawn rates
-squid and seahorse swapped, fox and deer swapped (deer can use mini hiding holes now)
-rhino can charge in water now
-NEW: lake islands have better food now, bushes on land can spawn blackberries + pears
-red berries give 1.5xp each now, not 1
-players now get 65% of xp from killing another player, not 40-50%
--NEW: bushes on land can spawn blackberries/pears, lakes, lake islands, and mud spots have better food now
-snails give up to 4k xp now
-The team is growing, and we are preparing more great content for you guys! Be sure to leave feedback on reddit!

Update(March 17):
-Check out our poll on the new ocean update:
-Fixed https site issues, optimized new graphics performance
-fixed bugs with new food (eg. snail)
-more updates coming soon- Including: snails will come alive!

Update(March 14) HUGE OCEAN UPDATE:
-NEW: complete ocean redesign! Over 6 new foods and a new theme!
-NEW: overflowing ocean water, and beaches! (Beaches spawn certain foods)
-Minimap now shows size more accurately for all objs
-NEW: Waterspots are now like little puddles, high lvl animals (croc+) can swim in them! (Great hunting spot)
-all food xp rates have been changed to be formula-based (give feedback for everything on reddit!)

-gorillas can now throw coconuts too (1/8 chance), they hit extra hard!
-underwater bubbles are more transparent (better for surprise attacks from water)
-water in water spots now respawns ~2x faster
-fixed several bugs from the last update (mushroom bush, snowballs, etc)
-visual: touching hills and rocks now smoothly connect (design improvement)
-winter skins were removed for now
-more ocean updates are coming in the near future

Update(March 7):
-Progress: all food+object spawning code has been re-written (in preparation for food rework)
-Auto-upgrade is partly back! For low level animals, you can only change animal chains every few levels! (better, more focused game experience)
-Auto-upgrade applies from mouse->pig (can change biomes at mole), also fox, (then can change biomes normally)
-All animals now teleport to their correct biome on upgrading (unless becoming ocean animal in a lake)
-Minimap no longer shows berry bushes/ plankton bushes (preparing for food update)
-re-enabled water W water shooting (for animals without W abilities), 'S' key still works
-biome food rework coming out within the next few days :)

Update(Feb 26)
-Reworked game servers to support https
-tweaked orca ability: only stuns once, allows easier escape
-crocs can no longer grab animals up in trees/climbing hills
-working on a cool new biome food rework, coming out soon :)

Update(Feb 20)
-slighlty buffed deer & zebra ability: digging gives mushrooms more often, gives better/extra food for zebra
-Killer whale ability buff: wave is 3X wider, more powerful, can lightly wash animals out of whirlpools!

Update(Feb 19):
-new mini '3D zoom' effect when animals climb on rocks/hills, or go down in hiding holes/dive
-NEW: orca wave ability! Waves stuns/wash away predators and prey! Even moves underwater animals
-yeti ability freezes dragons+krakens longer, yetis and krakens stop burning 3x faster from fire
-crabs & turtles now climb hills+rocks (as they are half-land creatures!)
-dragons, yeti are now 20% larger, hippos+ have increased view range

Update(Feb 18):
-NEW: gorillas can throw bananas from trees to stun prey/predators (ooo ooo!)
-NEW: dig for food ability: Deer can stand still and start digging for food on W!
-when digging in mud, dig up lillypads, 2x higher chance of digging up Big Mushroom Bushes
-click during digging to stop it, Dig is For deer, reindeer, + (temporarily)zebra
-Fox ability now only activates on right-click (in hiding hole), stuns prey, other tweaks
-rabbit holes dissapear faster (20 seconds, never if any animal is inside)
-sandbox has been removed for now (due to it not being fun for long enough, much better game mode coming soon :D )
-testing new arrows indicating prey/predators

Update (Feb 14):
-Fixed sandbox unlimited ability use bug
-Mole buff: mole can now dig anywhere! (reduced air time, can dig under anything)
-NEW: awesome fox (+arctic fox) ability: 'Pull from Hole'! Go in any hiding hole and kick out up to 2 animals!
-Animals get kicked out in order from lowest to highest (you can even kick out predators!)
-NEW: rabbit + arctic hare ability: Burrow Hole- Press W to dig a hiding hole to hide in! (Great for escaping predators, but watch for foxes!)
-Halved xp rates of blackberries + pears (prevent too easy lvling!)
-Water is now outlined light-green to indicate that it's 'edible'
-water no longer spawns on mud (as mud recharges water anyways!)
-water now can spawn across the arctic, snowballs no longer drop water

Update(Feb 10):
-Sandbox feedback implemented: Upgrade/Downgrade your animal with ease!
-Now Use the ↑ ↓ (up/down arrow buttons) to upgrade/downgrade your animal! (instead of double-click)
-NEW: Arctic teleporting: you can now become an arctic animal from ANYWHERE, and be teleported to the arctic!
-Land/Grass animals are now teleported to land when upgrading from arctic
-Upgrade interface improvements: Animals sorted by biome, The suggested animal choice button is bigger, always to the left
-NEW: press enter to upgrade your animal to the first choice
-NEW: press S to shoot/spit water (any animals!)
-Music in-game has been removed (only a short intro sound left, was too repetitive)
-press ↓ as a mouse to go right to kraken/dragon/yeti!
-croc ability tweaked: dragging in mud and water is now faster!

Update(Feb 4) BETA SANDBOX!
<img src="img/mode_sandbox.png" width=124 height=48/>
-NEW: Testing out a new game mode: Sandbox!
-This game mode is still changing quickly, write your feedback on reddit <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a>:
-Double-click to upgrade your animal at any time! Try out every animal in full!
-Any animals can attack any other animals! (Though prey->predator attack damage is only 1/3, no xp is transferred)
-Leaderboards go by kills instead of xp (since xp can be set by upgrading!)
-Eating another animal gives you half of it's kills!
-Leveling up doesn't make you invincible for 3s, and can't be done after being recently hurt
-Eating any food in-game heals back your health when eating it!

Update(Feb 1):
-Added/Fixed music! Quickly give your opinion on it <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a>:
-TIP: press mute if you want to turn off sound/music!
-I've been moving the site to new, more powerful hosting! (Site/images will load noticeably faster)
-A small number of users may not be able to load the site for the next 24h (looks like you can!)
-More info on future updates of coming soon!

Update(Jan 29):
-NEW: music! Looping theme songs in-game, and on the menu :) (Credit to N4Fy)
-Easily turn off music with the MUTE button on the main menu
-NEW: Awesome croc ability! Press/Release W to bite into animals and drag them around! (Or into water!)
-The ability can end early by pressing W again, be careful dragging predators!
+ croc dive bubbles are 2X fainter, and croc can hold breath for 60s! (Makes this ability a great surprise attack!)
-new lillypad graphics, increased lake spawn of lillypads
-fixed many bugs that you guys submitted
-more content coming on monday :)

Update(Jan 28):
-text optimization: player names, and most in-game text is now cached (slower computers will see a boost in fps)
-arctic animals outside arctic slowdown no longer happens in the ocean
-For a short time, an official Kraken t-shirt is for sale <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a> (high-quality, just 29$)
-blackberries no longer freeze on eating
-Cool new content is coming out tomorrow (monday!)

Update(Jan 21):
-fixed crab/turtle speeds
-it now only takes 2 snowballs to combine and get food, plus you can now shoot water at snow!
-donkey kick slowed down to 8s interval, reduced stun time by 0.5s
-mammoth swim speed increased

Update (Jan 20) SNOW!
-NEW: snow across the arctic! Push snow together until it pops to reveal frozen food!
-NEW: blackberries (low lvl food) and pears (higher lvl food), findable within arctic snow!
-NEW: mammoth animal (equal to hippo)- rolls a strategic snowball- the longer the snowball rolls, the bigger the freeze on impact!
-NEW: donkey animal! (equal to zebra)- does a back kick that knocks back/stuns all animals, injures predators!
-NEW: reindeer 'shoot snow' ability (freezes for a short time), arctic hare 'drop snow' ability (helps escape predators)
-Dragon has been rebalanced: fire shoots max every 2s, move speed boosted!
-Dragon battles: dragons can hit each other with fire! (50% damage) + move through each other to battle!
-Dragons can now dive underwater! (Cant dive for 1s after shooting fire)
-Dragons that wait for over 5s since the last fire shot will shoot fire 50% farther
-yeti freeze range increased
-Animal speeds are now based on animal lvl function, ocean animals are 9% faster in water, many animal speeds have changed a bit
-diving in lakes in more precise on the edges
-fixed firefox screen glitching bug
-yeti is now equal to dragon in the food chain

Update(Jan 17)
-Big performance bug fix: many lagging Safari & Chrome players will notice MUCH smoother gameplay
-Animals shrinking from getting hurt tweaked, 'tiny animals' re-added! (Let your xp get very low, and your animal will be tiny!)
-dragon bugs fixed: fire works again, being on-fire drains water again, + dragon speed boost, fire shoots every 1s again
-rock hills changed back
-mole can now go under-water
-dragons now move full-speed in water

Update(Jan 15):
-NEW: bear+polar claw slash ability! Hits damage, slightly stuns prey, powerfully stuns predators for 3s!
-I hear you guys! Dragon fire nerf: fireballs no longer hit underwater animals, going in a hiding hole ends being on fire,
-Plus, weaker fireball impact damage, being on-fire no longer drains water faster,
dragon moves even slower, fire effect lasts half the time on un-edible animals, fire shoots every 1.5s (slowed from 1s)
-fixed dragons moving through each other/krakens
-charge nerf: rhino, swordfish, muskox 'charge' now stuns for 1.2s (down from 1.5), does slightly less damage, ~30% reduced charge speed
-rhino slighly faster than reg. animals on mud (due to nerf of charge)

Update(Jan 13) Dragon fire!
-NEW: Dragons can breath fire, with their new ability! Fireballs damage on impact + light the prey on fire!
-NEW: Animals can now catch fire! (Fire lasts very little time in water!)
-NEW: shark + killer whale get the 'speed dive' ability, give a speed boost every 8s
-NEW: hippo gets the 'groan' ability, similar to lion roar- more powerful when in lakes/oceans
-When on fire, you take light damage, your water bar will drain 3x faster! (Sweating?)
-Hint: drinking water drops helps put out fire much faster! (Shoot water at on-fire animals to help friends!)
-Bananas and Coconut xp boosted by 50%+ (animals who climb trees get 30% less xp than non-climbing from bananas/coconuts)
-Rock hills got a new design! (Credit: Shaun Goodwin)
-arctic animals are now 25% slower outside the arctic, and non-arctic animals are 25% inside the arctic.
-read full update info on the changelog
-ice sliding no longer times out
-fixed bug 'diving on snow' near top of oceans
-wolf howl now ACTUALLY affects predators, bug fix
-animals can once again dive when using an ability (eg. swordfish diving after starting charge)
-dragons now can no longer dive underwater (they fly, and their fire would go out!), now move 10% slower (because of their new fire ability)
-killer whale will likely get a 'unique' ability in the future, atm it's ability is for balance
-wolverine/yeti swim much better now
-hippos lose water slower
-rhinos are slowed by mud again, non-water animals cant charge in water

Update(Jan 9) Ability Interface!
-NEW: A sweet Graphical Ability + Diving interface! (Took a while to add, as it required re-coding significant parts of the game!)
-You now always know when you can use dive/use an ability! (if an ability is faded, you cant use it!)
Leave feedback on the new interface, It's still being tweaked :)
-lion roar/ wolverine growl nerf: no random bigger range, 25% lower stun time
-wolf howl now 'scares' animals dangerous to wolf, but with lower stun/damage
-smoother left-click boosting in the oceans
-shell move speed increased
-diving is no longer possible when using an ability (eg. rhinos cant charge underwater!)
-Adding a heap of new abilities soon- across all animal groups!
-New logo! (Big thanks to designer Pike_YT)

-NEW: freeze effect, similar to stun, with different mechanics! (can be caused by arctic abilites)
-NEW: yetis have an awesome new multi-target freeze ability + disguise ability (hold/release W to use)
-NEW: wolves now have a scary HOWL ability, which freezes/SCARES your prey into running! (try it out!)
-NEW: lion has a powerful ROAR ability, which can knock back, stun and damage prey from a distance! (randomly has a bigger range!)
-NEW: cheetah + snow leopard get a new extra-boost ability! (Press W to boost again, on command, every 8s)
-NEW: wolverine gets a growl ability, similar to lion's roar
-VOTE on lemming/chipmunk and wolf! <a href="" target="_blank">VOTE LINK</a>
-kraken underwater time reduced to 1min 15s (was 5 mins!)
-arctic animals are 10% slower OUTSIDE the arctic, non-arctic animals are 10% slower IN the arctic (encourages correct animals in biomes!)
-chipmunk and snow leopard graphics improved
-yetis can no longer climb hills/go in mini hiding holes
-fixed lots of bugs (from userreport and reddit)
-Coming soon: graphical controls to see when you can use/re-use an ability!

Update(Jan 1)
-Happy new year to all players!
-I've finally re-coded all current animal abilities (report any bugs below!), in preparation for graphical controls! (Coming soon, will display when you can re-use an ability)
-animals that 'turn well on ice' now move 50% faster and turn even better!
-animals that 'slide on ice' now slide 30% faster, weee!
-NEW: chipmunk animal, replaces 'lemming'
-wolf was moved down the food chain, is now equal to cheetah
-there is now 50% more ice at the arctic!
-NEW: muskox can now charge with it's horns (press W)
-octopus can now also disguise as an ocean whirlpool
-several animals have gotten speed boosts: lion, wolf, dragon (slightly), yeti, wolverine
-rhino speed reduced (because of big horn boost)
-water-friendly arctic animals (penguin,walrus,seal,polar bear) can now swim better
-the octopus has an easier time diving after using it's disguise
-coming soon: more actic animal abilites (land ones too!), graphical controls!

Update(Dec 28) Arctic Biome release#2:
-The arctic biome is now wider, over 3X the old land area!
-NEW: ice in the arctic biome! (You will slide with little control when walking on it!)
-NEW: ice-sliding ability: penguin, seal, walrus can hold W to slide fast across ice! (move 1.7X faster, no timeout!)
-NEW: ice-grip ability: These animals have exceptionally-good grip on ice: turn even faster on ice than on land: reindeer, muskox, wolf, yeti
-NEW: wolverine animal (equal to rhino)
-Arctic animals don't slide as hard on ice as non-arctic animals!
-seal,walrus, yeti can now climb hills + rocks!
-yetis can now (magically) fit inside tiny hiding holes! (freeze ability coming soon!)
-Lakes now exist in the arctic biome, lots more cool arctic stuff coming soon! Leave your feedback on reddit!

Update (Dec 26) Arctic Biome Sneak Peek!
-NEW: There's now a north pole in the ARCTIC BIOME! (Lots of you guys wanted a sneak peek, so here it is!)
-Stay in the Arctic (snowy) region to be able to upgrade to arctic animals!
-NEW: 12 new arctic animals released early! (Special animal abilites coming later!)
-Animals are: lemming (snow mouse), arctic hare, penguin, seal, arctic fox, reindeer, muskOx, snow leopard, walrus, polar bear, wolf, abominable snowman!
-Suggest what unique abilites some of these animals should have! (post it on reddit, link below!)
-Lots of Arctic updates coming soon!

-NEW: For all of today, enjoy double (2X) xp for all edible food in-game!
-Done an optimization overhaul of game physics, meaning the game runs smoother!
-Optimized server load to allow for a larger game area! (Preparing for arctic biome) is seeing warmer weather for christmas- snow theme removed! (In preparation for arctic biome!)
-Actic biome delayed until tomorrow, (I'll be working on it during Christmas day :) )
-reduced banana spawn rate to match coconut
-fixed bugs with new physics

Update(Dec 21) WINTER!:
-NEW: winter has frozen up, you'll notice snow all over many places!
-NEW: enjoy over 30 winter-themed animal skins! (Just click share on facebook/twitter/vk at the bottom to unlock them ALL!)
-to turn off winter skins for your animal, click the check-mark again
-Leave feedback on the winter theme (link at bottom)!
-fixed bugs with shell use when hurt (turtle+crab
-fixed squids not hiding in berry bushes!
-Fixed hill water drain/diving bugs with bears/gorillas
-fixed teleporting bugs
-xp over 1000K no longer has a decimal point

Update(Dec 18):
-NEW: Smart teleport: when upgrading ocean->land OR land->ocean animal, you will be placed NEAR where you upgraded!
-Animals good in both land/ocean (hippo, crab, turtle, croc, dragon) will not be teleported!
-Land animals now teleport to land if upgrading in the ocean!
-You can now choose always choose land/ocean animals at any stage!
-Mole now comes before fox in the food chain (as requested by many!)
-Seahorses move just as fast as squid now (So they have an easier time hunting)
-lion is now above cheetah in the food chain!
-Cheetah is now extra fast- faster than most of it's prey!
-coconuts spawns at a controlled rate, coconut trees bug fixed
Coming soon: A Christmas/Winter theme for!

Update(Dec 16)
-Octopus now teleports to the ocean, as expected, moves faster when disguised,cant be tailbitten when disguised
-Improved octopus ability: prey that touches disguised octopus is hurt+ stunned for 2.5s, + octopus releases ink on getting bitten when disguised!
-dragons now don't move through krakens/each other
-bananas slightly less common, coconuts more common (coconuts are ~2X the xp of bananas, 1/3 fruit trees gives coconuts)
-reduced xp rate for bananas/coconuts (for gorillas/bears, as they lvled up too fast)

Update (Dec 15) YUMMY FOOD!:
-NEW: banana trees, with Banana food! This is high-level land food, edible by lion+ (Easily reachable by gorillas!)
-NEW: coconut food! Also high lvl food (gorilla+), (3x rarer than bananas, more xp) spawns in special trees (only spawns on land areas, will make land more attractive)
-NEW: octopus animal! Is equal to croc, (upgrade from swordfish)- Can use W to disguise itself as many common game items!
-(Great for hunting, if prey bites a disguised octopus, it gets hurt/stunned!)
-octopie are immune to squid ink
-Fixed pufferfish bug- pufferfish now stuns prey (things it can eat) for 2s, making puffing near prey a good hunting ability!
-6 new USA servers (4 nyc, 2 cali)

Update(Dec 14):
-mobile users can now RUN while holding W (just slide your finger down to the run button after pressing W!)
-hint: you can play with ONLY the mouse, by using right-click instead of W!
-Fixed 5M+ xp server crash bug
-Animal sizes were adjused (many animals will appear smaller on upgrading, but will grow big!)
-Fixed huge-sized animals on upgrade bug
-Crocs and hippos now swim faster, 93% as fast as their equal water animals.
-Crocs can now move through berry bushes
-Pufferfish can now re-puff 6 seconds after puffing up (down from 7)
-Crocs and hippos now swim faster, 93% as fast as their equal water animals.
-New food type + new animal(s) + animal abilites coming tomorrow!

-NEW: choose if you want to spawn in oceans or land!
-NEW: selective branching! Choose which animal you'd like to upgrade to when you level up!
-Selective branching unlocks loads of potential for, allowing loads of new animals in the game, coming in the future!
-Tip: Selective branching offers land animals & ocean animals, depending on where you are when you lvl up!
-Leave your thoughts/feedback on selective branching!

-NEW: gorilla animal: gorillas are extra fast at climbing hills, but are slower on land! Gorillas are an option upgrading from lion/stingray
-gorillas are good swimmers (slightly faster than bears, which try to hunt gorillas!)
-gorillas boost 20% faster on hills (great for ambushing prey!)

-Read full update on the changelog (link at bottom)
-Rhinos buff: they now move through mud 2x faster, stun for 1.5s with their horn,
+ rhinos can now swim as fast as bears in water, can move through water spots
-all animals (other than kranken+dragon) can now hide in ocean whirlpools
-pufferfish can now only stay puffed for 8s max, have a longer recharge time- plus stun time from puffed mode reduced for predators
-high-lvl fish speeds were rebalanced
-5% more xp is kept on respawn!
-swordfish move slightly faster
-walking on hills in mud/water no longer slows you down!
-ocean animals can now upgrade to ocean animals while in lakes!
-the +food interface now shows ALL food when spawning
(Eg. Upgrade in a lake/ocean to choose ocean animals!)
-Animals turtle and below, you will only be offered land animals on land, ocean animals in the ocean! (to keep it simple for new players)
-You can change to the other branch by lvling up in the right place. Eg. on land to become land animal.
-The lvl-up location counts when the "choose an upgrade" interface appears
For animals turtle+ , you can become a water OR land animal no matter where you are when lvling up.
-kraken are now immune to jellyfish stings

Update (Dec 11) :
-17 new servers: 4 new russia servers, 11 new brazil servers, 1 new australia, 1 new singapore
-NEW: servers are now divided by region (Because the server list is getting too long)
-I've been working on LOT of behind the scenes stuff for the past few days
-BIG update coming tomorrow morning (delayed from today): (HINT: selective branching!) + new animals + more!
-orcas now show a blow-hole when underwater

-NEW: Puffer Fish animal! Puffs on pressing W: grows to double size, hurts any animals on contact + takes 40% less damage! (Works on land too!)
-NEW: Swordfish animal! Press W to rush with high speed, do extra damage on impact (somewhat like rhino!)
-NEW: Killer whale (evolves from croc, in ocean)! Breathes quite well on land (great for chasing land prey out of water)
-Killer whales blow water out when diving, (and sometimes other goodies!)
-servers are now limited to one game lobby each, fill up at 600 players (+100 for party players), (this will end overfilled-server stutter).
-Kraken's whirlpool suction lasts 0.5s less time (to make it somewhat possible to escape)
-kraken now can't get tail-bitten during the first 2s of their special attack
-'Low graphics' setting now hides New +"what you can eat" interface

-NEW: kraken animal = ocean version of dragon (upgrade from a shark/hippo in the ocean to get it!)
-Kraken have a whirlpool ability that sucks all animals in towards it's mighty jaws (release W to use, every 12s)
-Shark is now equal to hippo, but is in the ocean branch (croc upgrades in the ocean=shark, upgrades on land=hippo)
-Turtle and crab are now much faster on land (only 10% slower than equal land creatures)
-Pigs can now swim almost as fast as a croc in water (in lakes/oceans)

Update(Dec 4)
-NEW: awesome new edbile food interface- on upgrading to an animal, you are shown what new food/animals you can eat! LEAVE me FEEDBACK on this new feature!
-Due to highly crowded worlds, oceans have been made +50% larger! (And the resulting game area is 36% larger!)
-Fixed underwater flicker invincible bug
-Stingrays now have a +1.5s extra delay for diving after shocking (to give predators a better chance of retaliating)
- PLUS Finally Fixed leaderboard wrong rank# bug! (You can now rank up to #450 in a room!)

Update(Dec 2) TWEAKS:
-Stingray shock no longer hurts players that are underwater+ can only use shock every 8s now + multiple shocks at once don't do extra damage
-Oceans are now 10% wider (due to them being so crowded), less lillypads in oceans, sand islands are more spread out
-Rhinos no longer push through hills when charging (they still go through water spots on charge)
-Rhinos now slightly stun those hit with a horn charge, rhinos no longer shoot water at all
-Fixed bug where bears can get bitten on hills in oceans
-Cheetahs can eat lillypads

Update(Dec 1) STUN UPDATE!
-NEW: awesome new stun mechanic in-game: being stunned slows down movement + turning
-NEW: stingray now has an amazing 'electric shock' ability: shock damages ALL animals in range (Press/release W to use it)
-NEW: squid can now shoot INK when recently injured (by pressing W/Left click)- ink stuns all animals on contact
-jellyfish now stun + damage animals that bump into their tentacles (at their back)
-fixed bug of always spawning in oceans, + animals can now randomly spawn as ocean OR land animals when spawning with +XP
-dragons now start smaller, grow in size when gaining xp- up to 5000K xp ( can be up to 3X larger )!
-Plankton bushes are more common, are bigger (better for hiding), Only turtle+ can go through plankton bushes
-Water spots on land are bigger (better hunting spots again)

Update(Nov 30):
-NEW: jellyfish now sting! (Bumping into the back of a jellyfish causes you to get damaged, gives the jellyfish 1% of your xp, up to 1K)
-foxes can now hide in small hiding holes
-cheetah speed slightly boosted (leave feedback!): same fast as deer now, in now slightly faster than lion and zebra
-4 new USA servers (2x new york, 1 seattle, 1 Chicago)
-fixed several bugs: bear getting water on mud hills, ocean land animal on upgrading, etc.
-Coming very soon: cool new unique abilites for several animals. Hint: squid ink! :)

Update(Nov 28) 4 NEW ANIMALS:
-NEW: 4 new ocean animals (to continue on the ocean branch!)
-NEW: Seahorse (comes after squid)
-NEW: Jellyfish (these can grow very large, turn slowly, comes after seahorse)
-NEW: Turtle: hold W to hide in your shell on land! (This reduces damage/xp loss taken by 70%, reduces move speed by 50%, turtles live on land quite well)
-NEW: Stingray: (after turtle, =lion )
-Crabs can now hide in their shell by holding W/right click (on land)
-Bears now drain water when on hills inside lakes/oceans
-Rhinos made fun again! + can now charge though water spots (to better hunt crocs)
-NEW: feedback forum (click the link below to submit your ideas, and vote up the best ones!)
-Coming soon: more unique abilites for ocean animals!
-Mole now comes before deer (due to lots of feedback) + lillypad xp increased to 75xp, mushroom bush to 1.2K
-Water restores 2x faster in oceans/lakes for ocean animals
-Ocean animals now have corrected camera zoom levels

Update(Nov 27):
-Rhinos nerf: rhinos now turn around slower, charge 10% slower, can only SLIGHTLY move onto dark green hills when charging (lots of feedback on this)
- Hills are now randomly ~30% wider- plus, 1/15 chance of being of extra wide (huge hills).
-plankton is now ~2X more common, with tweaked eat-xp amounts for different animal lvls
-Ocean whirlpools: land animals can now use them! (zebra and below), ocean animals no longer lose water quickly inside whirlpools
-7 new game servers (yes, the list is getting long!): 2 germany, 2 brazil, 2 russia, 1 in tokyo
-Mobile joystick now makes it easier to stay still (in hiding holes)
-Coming very soon: brand new ocean animals!

Update (Nov 26):
-NEW: ocean whirlpools (ocean animals + croc + hippo can hide from predators in these, sharks can't use them!)
-Plankton (orange circles) in oceans now gives 2X xp for higher animals, more of it spawns (will make oceans more attractive for mid-tier animals)
-Oceans now have a blue background at the border
-Shark fins while diving tweaked, all animal diving bubbles are fainter
Let me know your thoughts on reddit (<a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a>)

Update(Nov 25):
-Fixed joystick getting stuck on mobile
-Working on new ocean content release

Update (Nov 24):
-NEW: orange plankton food in oceans (mid tier food, gives 7-14xp ea, edible by crab+, and by all land animals- to attract land animals in the water)
-Sharks now show a fin when diving underwater
-Underwater bubbles now rotate along with your animal (same for mole digging effect)
-mushrooms by themselves/water dont spawn in oceans anymore
Let me know your thoughts on reddit (link at bottom)

Update(Nov 23):
-Increased xp for higher-level animals (and lowered animal-eaten xp back to 50%)
-Dragons can now fly over rocks
-Ocean animals now move more smoothly
-Animal push power now depends on animal size (large animals will push small ones away easily)
-Working on implementing new animals feedback, working on new ocean content

Update(Nov 22) HUGE OCEAN animals release!:
-NEW: 5 new Ocean-themed animals: shrimp, trout, crab (walks sideways), squid,+ shark (after hippo).
-(shrimp is equal to mouse, crab= rabbit, etc), but shark is high-lvl (after hippo)
-TIP: ocean animals are great in water, but terrible on land (they lose water fast!)
-NEW: ocean animals are auto-branched for now: (if you upgrade your animal while in an ocean, you will get an ocean animal, leave the ocean + upgrade to get a land animal)
Let me know your thoughts <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a>
-Oceans are now 2X wider, have new color: (thanks to the poll)!
-rhino charge damage now 1.6x (down from 2.7X)
-lillypads in oceans
Coming next: ocean-specific food, hunger meter for ocean, more! :)

Update (Nov 21) Oceans sneak peek!:
-NEW: oceans have been discovered on the left/right edges of!
(This is a sneak peek, with many oceans updates coming soon, including NEW ocean-specific: animals, food, hiding areas, branching, and MORE!)
Let me know your thoughts on reddit <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a>
-Game area 33% larger (to accomodate oceans), 350 max players per game! (up from 250)
-NEW: minimap shows sand islands, oceans, + has more accurate sizing
-All animal xp requirements have been reduced further (to make it easier to reach higher animals, according to feedback).
Read the full update on the <a href="" target="_blank">changelog</a>
-Killing other animals now gives 62% of the dead animal's xp, not 50%! (Plus a new bonus 0.5% of your OWN xp [ limit +1K], making killing small critters more worthwhile)
-Deer have gotten a craving for meat! (Deer can now eat animals, not just mushrooms!)
-Non-water animals now can't dive for as long
-improved joystick for mobile
-you can once-again use boost while underwater
-new ocean animals were delayed today due to last-minute issues, coming soon!

Update (Nov 20):
-I've been hard at work for the past several days on oceans + branching (Part 1)- This is coming out tomorrow! Expect several new animals :)
-Server selection now packs players in more popular servers in a smart way. (To increase player concentration at night)

Update (Nov 18):
-Chat now shows multiple lines, lines stack on top of one-another, (better hiding-hole chat sessions!)
-Added left-handed mode (for mobile users)
-Working on branching & Oceans Part#1 (more info tomorrow

Update(Nov 17):
-Added 2 new (Sao Paulo) Brazil servers! (Replaced the texas ones)
-Animals of the same kind no longer can bite each other's tails. (Due to lots of feedback!)
-Players will now always respawn in the same game lobby as they died in (bug fix)
-Started work on implementing branching :)

Update(Nov 16) Android APP!
-NEW: Android mobile app is LIVE! It's finally, here- android :)
(Download link <a id="appAdIOS_news" href="" target="_blank">HERE</a> Or on the bottom right corner!)
Leave feedback on the app on the REDDIT PAGE at !
-fixed zooming bug, greenscreen (for mobile)
-New: awesome joystick controls (for all mobile users!) -(Old controls can be used by turning off joystick in settings)
-New: Low-graphics mode for slow phones/pcs- just in time for android (turn it on in the gear options)

Udpate(Nov 15):
Dev- Update on the oceans and the future of!
Read it on reddit: <a href="" target="_blank">LINK</a>

Update (Nov 14):
-New 2nd California server
-Party links now expire after 10h, not 1h
-New option to hide names/chat (reduce lag, hide profanities for kids)
-Coming very soon: Android app + mobile joystick controls! (with remove option)
-Starting full-time work on animal branching (for oceans) tomorrow!

Update (Nov 13):
-New: 2 East-Eurpoe (Moscow) servers! (finally resolved several issues)
-New: PARTY LINKS! Click 'Make Party' (top-right corner) to get a link, where anyone can join your specific game!
-fixed inflated player count bug (real peak player count today was ~8000, not 12000!)
-player count now gets updated every few seconds
-Party links: extra planned features (eg. spawn next to friends, friends on map) not added to reduce teaming

Update(Nov 11):
-New Chicago USA server
-NEW: auto server-selection! When visiting, you will automatically join a low-lag server for your area.(You can still change it manually)
- many animal xp amounts were reduced/rebalanced (after game testing/feedback, as too few players reached higher animals)
-Test it out, and enjoy the higher-level animals!
-Mole/Bear slightly faster to balance hunting ability
-Vote on the auto-server selection update:<a href="" target="_blank">POLL</a>

Update(Nov 10):
-Working on reducing/rebalancing many animals' xp (This will be released tomorrow)
-still working on a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff

Update (Nov 9):
-NEW: Servers choice list now shows # of players online in each server
- # online (bottom right corner) now shows TOTAL players on, not just in the current server (updates on page refresh)
-Rhino buffed:(improved to be able to hunt bears/crocs): 10% faster in water, can charge through hills (slowly), better charge aiming
-Lowered xp needed for hippo/dragon
-Tail biting slowed down- animals can now get tail-bitten every 4s (was 2s)
-Tail biting: continuously geting tail bitten (15s cooldown) reduces xp taken by 50% (damage still 100%)
-working on a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff atm

Update (Nov 8):
-NEW: Brazil Sao Paolo server finally live (New host)!
-NEW: camera zooms slightly in when in hiding hole/underwater (perspective effect)
-Food chain speed tweaks: tweaked several animal speeds to match yesterdays re-ordered animals (should be less people stuck at mole now!).
-Rhino tweaks: rhinos move faster, have better control at end of charging, do more damage on charge impact, turn around faster to protect from tail biters!
-hippos slowed down slightly.
-Coming next: server backend remake= auto server selection (for minimal lag) + server players #s shown

Update (Nov 7) Charging rhinos!
-NEW: rhino animal (after croc), can charge in a straight line, and knock back prey for 2X damage! This is VERY fun to use, try it out!
-NEW: mole,zebra,lion re-ordered to be more intuitive, as highly requested! (lions can now eat zebras! + moles are lower down)
-New animal order: mouse,rabbit,pig,fox,deer,[mole],[zebra],[lion],cheetah,bear,crocodile,rhino,hippo,dragon
-hippo & dragon have 20% higher hp now
-highest-lvl animals can no longer eat animals below pig
-Reduced delay before diving possible when damaged
-BE SURE TO LEAVE FEEDBACK ON THE CHANGES, ON <a style="color: rgba(255,255,255,0.7);" id="appAdIOS_news" href="" target="_blank">REDDIT</a>

Update(Nov 6):
-Added 2 more servers: New york and london (new faster server provider!)
-Animal turning was made smoother looking
-Hiding holes no longer spawn fully under rocks
-Animals can now 'bully'- you can bite the tails of equivalent animals (with 50% reduced bite damage/xp) (thx. to PUER)- should be fun, leave FEEDBACK on reddit!
-Bug fixed: cant bite bears on hills from underwater/underground (PUER).
-To reduce tail-biting 'oppurtunists' in lakes, lower animals are now 10% slower in water
-Rhino coming tomorrow, meanwhile, working on behind-the-scenes stuff to improve servers

Update( Nov 5)
<li>Added 5 new servers to better handle increased # of players (hint: pick the server nearest to you, to minimize lag!)</li>
<li>Working on further lag improvements, + automatic server selection! </li>
<li>Mobile site users: app redirect now happens only on first site open</li>

Update (Nov 4) iOS mobile app!
-NEW: iOS mobile app is LIVE! An optimized, improved mobile experience :)
(Download link <a id="appAdIOS_news" href="" target="_blank">HERE</a> Or on the bottom right corner!)
Leave feedback on the app on reddit!
-NEW: LAG FIX PART 2!!!!!!!! You may notice, there is less lag today- :) Vote on LAG POLL 2: <a href="">LAG VOTE 2</a> -
-Mud spots are 1.3X wider, slightly less common, 50% more mushrooms spawn in mud
-Standing in mud now slowly refills your water (at 0.4X the speed of lake regen)
-Pigs now get 8xp from mushrooms (prev. 12xp)
-Chat now works in all languages/ чат работает на русском языке!

Update (Nov 3) More Bug fixes + Stay tuned:
-was super busy the last 2 days finishing an amazing mobile app for you guys (it's going to be out VERY SOON!)
-fixed zebra water bug + now dragons very slightly slow down on water (no server reset, will be out tomorrow)
-new Brazil 2 server (hosted in Texas)
-hint: shoot water at red mushrooms to break them!
-Coming soon: easy links to join your friend's server (and spawn near them!) + lag fix part 2 :) (And then oceans !?) Stay tuned :)

Update (Nov 2) Bug fixes:
-Fixed pig bugs, working on more advanced lag fixes (from the poll: >50% of lag is fixed, now to fix the rest!)
-Working on releasing a mobile version soon!

Update (Nov 1):
-LAG fix part 1 (game should lag less!): vote on lag poll here: <a href="">LAG VOTE</a>
-New hill spawn algorithm- hills are more evenly spread across the map.
-When running (holding mouse), you randomly run slightly faster/slower (10%)- sometimes you will get away when you shouldn't have, sometimes you will get bitten :)
-Boosting/running(left-click) is now possible underwater
-Animals now get damaged when out of water (dont die right away)
-You can now dive underwater when below full hp (after 2s from last damage)!
-You can now pass through dark-green hills when underwater.
-More content is coming soon, just finishing some
-Disabled joystick on mobile site (note: no app is out yet, it's still in development!)

Update (Oct 31) :
-Happy Halloween! Berries have turned into (orange) pumpkins for today!
-reduced xp needed for cheetah and mole (to 18K, 42K) mobile version now has chat, joystick controls. (Leave feedback!)
-mole dig time reduced to max 25s, mole cant dig under water spots now
-dead (of thirst/dc) animals now drop red mushrooms as well
-Lag reducing update coming soon!

Update( Oct 30) New Animal graphics (2/2):
-NEW: ALL animal graphics (zebra+) have been updated to the new ones! (Plus some were tweaked)- Leave feedback on reddit!
-Added option to NOT use new images (click the gear button!)
-NEW: use spacebar to run (instead of left-click)
-NEW: mobile users now have touch controls (run/shoot/dive!)
-I'm mostly working on the mobile app right now.
-Mole and zebra can no longer eat mice
-Tweaked boosting speed + damage bounceback +attack interval (0.7-> 1.0s)
-Deer no longer move faster in water.
-Lag reducing update coming soon!

Update( Oct 29) New Animal graphics (1/2)
-New animal graphics! (up to lion)! (Thanks to /u/Pike_YT !)- Leave feedback on these (on the reddit page, link below)
-Working on the mobile version for you guys (highly requested!), touch buttons, iOS and android apps!

Update (Oct 28)
-I hear you guys!, I've tweaked the game some more:
-Game area is now 33% larger(less crowded), 5 lakes per game instead of 3!
-Players with smaller screens can now see farther!
-Doubled network game update rate: game should look much smoother (give feedback on change in lag!)
-Fixed eating : Cheetahs can now eat zebras + mushrooms(requested), moles can eat cheetahs and below, bears can eat moles and below
-50% more mushrooms in the game (per sq. unit), 250 max players per game
-Better xp on tail-biting: 40 + (2% of bitten animal xp) (With a limit of 3Xing your xp through this per bite).
-NEWS: has broken 100K daily players!
-Smoother boosting (move father on boost)

Update (Oct 27) Game re-balance!
-Thanks to your awesome feedback on reddit, I've reworked and rebalanced the game!
-significantly less mushrooms in the game, reduced many food xp rates (lillypads, red mushroom)- encourages hunting
-mole now comes after cheetah (no longer top predator!)
-zebra now comes after lion (mole and cheetah positions were considered thoughtfully )
-red mushrooms can be more easily broken (shoot water at mushrooms to break them)
-Mole was made larger, faster, better in water, less visible underground, try it out!

-Read all changes at <a href="">changelog</a>

-afk players now get disconnected after 15 minutes (60 mins in-game)
-Cheetahs, again, can only hunt animals to eat (no mushrooms to eat)
-33% of Mushroom bushes now spawn on lake islands (encourages zeebras+ to visit lakes)
-based on feedback (thanks for voting): improved look of green outline, removed it for water (all animals can drink water!)
-limited tail-bite xp steal to (1000xp or 2% of bitten animal's xp, whichever is lower)
-lakes got a more 'beachy' look

Update (Oct 26) HUGE content release! :
- NEW mushroom bushes food spot! (assorted mushrooms spawn near them, these bushes are killable,and respawning! Zebra+ can attack these)
- NEW zebra animal (after cheetah), can eat NEW mushroom bushes (2K xp ea!), and has a funny trait (reach it to find out!)
- NEW mole animal (Go in and hiding hole, and hold right-click + move to dig underground! The mole is a top predator, competing with dragons!)
-NEW feature: everything that you can eat is outlined in light-green (leave feedback!)
-Increased number of regular/red mushrooms, should be a better xp source
-Reduced invincible time on animal upgrade to 3s (still 5s on spawn)
-biting tails now gives you 40xp + 3% of bitee's xp (watch out, predators!)
-bear speed (on top of hills/in the water) was boosted.
-crocs are now slightly faster than hippos in water, slower on land
-2x more water (+mushrooms) spawns at mud now (buffed!)
Worked super hard (a few nights till 10AM) to get this out, enjoy :) -Stan
Please leave YOUR feedback (positive or negative) on the REDDIT PAGE at (link at page bottom!)

Update (Oct 25)
-NEW 5 second invincibility on spawning, and on upgrading to a new animal (no more spawn kills).
-Cheetahs can now eat all mushrooms and lillypads
-Lake islands are now less common, and smaller.
-Lakes are randomly larger, lake predators get speed reduced to give prey a better chance to escape!
-Cheetahs are slightly faster.
-Some light networking optimizations
-Coming tomorrow: 2 new animals (animals delayed 1 day) + new food source

Update (Oct 24) Lakes improvements:
-NEW: walkable islands inside lakes (great for outrunning fast water predators!)
-NEW dark red mushrooms, edible by deer+ (spawns on water islands, 500xp each, 200 for deer)
-increased xp kept on respawn to + ~35%
-Diving underwater improvements: now players cant get eaten while underwater, longer air times, you can also hold w for diving
-30% more large hiding holes.
-Slowed down cheetah, increased deer xp for eating.
-fixed several bugs (try using enter to chat, w to go under water), performance improvements
Coming soon: 2 NEW ANIMALS! (Got lots of feedback, in development ) + more

Update (Oct 23) Lakes improvements:
-NEW: Animals can now dive UNDERWATER in lakes, just hold the right mouse button!
-NEW lillypads in lakes, great for swimming under, better food than mushrooms. (5X better xp).
-Deer can now eat lillypads, mushroom xp decreased for deer(only).
-Lakes now contain 2X fewer mushrooms & hills, no food spots.
Coming soon: Walkable sandy lake islands + new high level food, 2 new (very cool) animals!

Update (Oct 22) :
-dragons move faster,bears climb somewhat faster over hills.
-All animals have had required xp re-calibrated to make it faster to reach higher animals (give feedback!)
-Water LAKES update part 2 almost ready, coming tomorrow! (Oct 23)

Update (Oct 21) Water LAKES! (part 1/2):
-increased respawn xp amount. (now keep ~20% of your xp!)
-NEW (Sneak peek of) large lakes in the game, check them out (watch out for crocs!)
-Animals have varying speeds of swimming (most at 0.7 times walking speed), somewhat similar to the mud animals (pig, croc, hippo).
-Bears move quickly in water, dragons fly over it
-Water level slowly re-fills in lakes for all animals.
-1/5 of Mushrooms will spawn in lakes, to attract prey to lakes.
(Lakes are getting several extra updates TOMORROW, including: animals going underwater, new lake animal,
new food exclusive to lakes to attract players into it!)
-Game area 5% larger, mushrooms are 30% more common now.

Update (Oct 20) New animal tweaks, bug fixes
-Tweaked deer, bear, and other animals to balance them out.
-Deer is slower, water drains faster.
-Bear is slightly smaller, moves quicker over hills
-Animals dying of thirst/ disconnecting now drop part of their xp in mushrooms/new dark food (500xp per eat!).
-Water shoots farther
-Entering hiding holes animation bug fixed
-Preparing for lakes update!

Update (Oct 19) New animals, biting improvements
-Easier to bite animal tails, 2X more damage from tail bites, large predators turn much slower (easier to bite!)
-Hippos made more powerful, faster, smaller
-Small animals can now hide in the BIG hiding holes as well.
-NEW animal: deer [after fox]: water drains fast, moves fast, eats only mushrooms! Run from lions and above.
-NEW animal: bear [after cheetah](grr), it's a slow hunter, can slowly climb over green hills!

Update (Oct 18-) The tails update

-new grey 'rock' hills (no animals can move through these)
-lowered bites-to-kill for all animals, health comes back 3x slower
-Lowered XP needed for higher animals :)
-NEW tails update: small animals can finally fight back (this was highly requested), just bite the (green-outlined) tail of a predator!
-Tweaked animal biting- you must face towards an animal in order to bite it (logical)
-NEW (big) hiding caves, for predators! (There are very few of these in the game, so they won't take the food chain off balance)
-Tweaked all animal speeds according to feedback (not by much)
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