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Welcome to discussions. Unfortunately the guidelines have to be pretty strict, but it should help keep discussions clean and productive. The list of rules are short, but important nonetheless. Failure to comply with these rules can result in your post being locked, deleted, or a wiki-ban in extreme cases.

- Don’t intentionally cause drama or derail posts with unrelated info. Make a separate post if you want to talk about something else.

- No personal attacks, on any grounds. There is a thin level of tolerance for jokes, but Moderators will not allow you to hide behind that as an excuse for particularly vile posts.

- Categories: make sure you post in the correct categories. These are the list of current existing categories:

1. General: Anything related can go in here. This means general chatter/talk about the game itself, but only canon aspects (there is another category for fanon stuff).

2. Fanon ideas: Any fan content that you want to post, can go here. Although if you think your fanon animal could go in the game, I recommend posting it on the subreddit too.

3. Wiki-related: If you have ideas for ways to improve elements of this wiki, e.g. templates, formatting changes etc, they can go here.

4. Announcements: this category previously existed, but I migrated all existing discussions under this category to 'General'. It is only permitted to be used by staff, to make important announcements of events (anyone else who uses it will have the category removed).

5. Off topic: Self explanatory really. Any topic that is not NSFW and doesn't violate any wiki rules can be discussed here.